White Elephant Journey

Value: Happier + Healthier



White Elephant Journey is an exploration and documentation of love, human connection, and well-being in life. It is set of from Malaysia to experience love, practise connection exercises, and adopt natural way of living for our well-being. These will be recorded online and documented in a book – Exploring Life.

Exploring Life: Create Space for Growth


The core purpose is to experiment life in different ways which bring happiness and health to people and share the essence in videos, articles, and book. The four main focus is Calm Mind, Green Eating, Human Connection, and Self Care which leads to inspire people to take action towards happier healthier lifestyle.

Inspire to Take Action

The Big Why: We Are Hooked!


Me-Time and Self Care are so underrated where we are hooked up in the busyness in life, dealing with digital matters and interpersonal relationship matters. Having such concept space which is easily accessible encourages us to recharge and reconnect with ourselves for a better focus and productivity.

Each of us has infinite possibilities to creation in life, we have own unique gifts and maximum potential, but, the distractions and noise which create gaps between where we are and where we want to be. White Elephant space is one way to reduce noise and distractions, take a break and connect to our highest self.


White Elephant’s Content Objectives:


  1. Calm Daily: Feel calm during daily activities
  2. Green Monday: Eating and living green on Monday
  3. Connect Saturday: Connect self, loved ones and community on Saturday
  4. Self Care Sunday: Take time off to nourish yourself on Sunday


Calm Daily

  • Share Feel calm practices for daily routines: at work and at home
  • Share Calm stories from master Sifu to leaders to workers to mothers and children
  • Recommend places to feel calm: urban and suburban

Green Monday

  • Share ‘what-we-should-know’ on Plant-based eating, herbs, spices, natural ingredients
  • Share stories of Plant-based eaters & owner of plant-based restaurant
  • Recommend plant-based recipes & natural products
  • Share ‘what-we-should-know’ on living green (reduce waste & home garden)

Connect Saturday

  • Share connection exercises: to self, loved ones, and community
  • Share stories of connection: to self, loved ones, and community
  • Recommend events, hosts, facilitators, and places to connect

Self Care Sunday

  • Share self care practices & self care tools
  • Share stories of self care individuals & groups
  • Recommend events, hosts, facilitators, and places for self care

Exploration => Experience => Content= Videos + Articles => Book

White Elephant = Channel + Space


This journey is taken with intention to create an online channel as guidance for people to be happier and healthier. Starting with exploring the 4 pillars in different cultures starting from Malaysia to neighbouring countries, then Sharing the experience online and offline. These content serves as guidance to take action towards better self.

The journey starts from Malaysia to Chiang Mai, Thailand and India.

White Elephant Journey

= Experience Calm, Love, Connection, Well-being


The next intention is to discover calm space and mark these spaces as ‘White Elephant Space’ where it is a sign as calm and serene space for people to spend time there. Identify the calm places and mark the location as a platform for Calm, Love, Connection, and Well-being. This will be under a developed system in near future, first we make allies.

White Elephant Space = Calm Space


A stepping stone towards vision in 5 years to create calm space around Asia. The vision is when people see White Elephant, people would feel calm and have some Me-Time. White Elephant Space is a signal like wi-fi, but of calm environment without digital devices.

White Elephant can be an individual space at home or in any tea or coffee shops, it is a concept with a calm ambiance which allow people to relax with optional tools to help in feeling calm and without digital devices. Where there is White Elephant, there is a space which allows people to be in silence, rest mode with optional tools such as ear phones, books, soft pillows, art or writing tools, soothing tea and healthy snacks.

How to be Apart?


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