What Have Vii created?

It started with the experiment in 2016

Eye Contact Experiment

29th October 2016

The World Largest Eye Contact Experiment: Kuala Lumpur on the 29th October 2016 @Central Market, KL with around 100 participants. It was a global event coordinated by the Liberators International with other 150 cities around the world. Kuala Lumpur first Eye Contact experience in the public space.

We invite the members of the public to share a minute eye contact with strangers in the heart of our cities and towns. With the intention to demonstrate that beyond our differences there is love and humanity.

A Fresh Start as Vii In 2017

Eye Contact Experiments in Universities

February 2017

Vii is partnering with GoMonsta and universities to create a chance for real-life interaction for students! Connecting students of Heriot Watt University, Nilai University, and UCSI through eye contact for a minute.

Eye Contact Experience in 2017

11th & 12th March 2017

This is the second eye contact experiment in Central Market in conjunction with festival for International Women’s Day, we received first media interview from TV2 《前线视窗》. Thanks to Wen Yi & friends who host the event, even these two days it has been raining heavily.

Watch this to know more: KL Eye Contact Experience March 2017

This is a Video summary of What Vii do in a month 

This is For You Wall

8th – 12th of March 2017

This is For You’ wall is a wall for women worldwide and for the community to reflect and express their appreciation.

Why : Appreciation to women of your tribe
How : Express love via message to women
What : Build a wall to leave the message
When : From 8th to 12th March 2017 ​
Where : Central Market Entrance, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Who : Vii: Vibrant Interactions​, inspired by “The World We Want”.​

We received fundings of RM1,120 for the wall to be place in Central Market for 5 days, thanks to Sharon, He Lene, Gin Pan, Karsun (Karsun Training), Derek (D.Y.O), Soo San, Zhi Ee (Monsta), Grace, May Li, and Wai Hoou. Thank you Pereka for creating the wall!

This is the Video of the wall. Find out more at Facebook event and Facebook album.

City Silence in the Park

8th April 2017

Inspired by City Silence – Stacy Sims. This is an experience to bring silence and connection to our chaotic world.

City Silence is sitting together, silently, for a few minutes or much longer, in city spaces and community places. It is slowing the world down and noticing what we smell, hear, taste and feel. It is noticing our thoughts, the genius ones right along with the harebrained ones. It is turning off our digital devices and turning on our capacity for stillness, focus, wonder, creativity, compassion, and awe.

Vii hosted City Silence in KLCC Park in April 2017, here is the photo album with 6 of my friends where we spent an hour in the park in silence.

Black Paradise Night

The idea is for a better human connection, we are constantly seeking for instant connection which is widely available online, especially in the cities, in return, people often live in isolation or gather around people with the same background, culture, language.

3rd March 2017

First Black Paradise Night at Nu Sentral, KL: Facebook Album. I invited my friends of different stages of life since young to work life to social experiments, 9 of us get to create arts together, answer Big Talk questions, and express our stories to each other with laughters.

24th March 2017

Second Black Paradise Night at Impact Hub, KL: Facebook Album. Thanks to Aishah, Dan, Cordelia & Miki who share us their gift in music & with 23 beautiful people sharing their stories, it was a connected night with them.

21st April 2017

Third Black Paradise Night at APW Bangsar, KL: Facebook Album. Featuring Drum Circles by Ket & Cordelia, we had 32 amazing diverse background who joined us in the outdoor pocket park of APW.

Coming Up

Movements with The Liberators in Perth

May 2017

Vii need your help in making this happen! =) There are movements and experiments we would love to try out both in Perth & KL, Malaysia. Appreciate your support in every way!

Peter Sharp is the founder of The Liberators and as appreciation, I sent a letter to thank him, guess what, this is a video from Peter. I will be meeting him & his team to create more opportunities to connect people in Perth.

Find out how can you help here, every bit helps!

Thank you.