Social Tool

Welcome to a page of Social Tools to Connect !

I would love to introduce some tools of interactions for yourself and to interact with others.


Coming up! We will have these tools ready for you.

More tools from other movements:


  1. Big Talk Question Card by Make Big Talk:

Big Talk question90 questions to help you skip the small talk and connect with anyone: family, friends, co-workers, classmates, strangers, even yourself. Use as a game, conversation starter, or communication facilitation tool for workshops, orientations, school and work events, dinner parties, counseling sessions, meet-ups, in dating, connecting with kids, or personal journal writing. Click here to get one.



2. Reminder Band Cuffs by The Mindful Company:

mindful reminder cuff


These are daily meaningful reminder for inspired or mindful life. A capsule collection of Reminder Bands in an elegant, everyday style. Individually crafted, adjustable chain bracelets with delicate pendant reminders. Click here to get one.




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