Vic Qi’s Portfolio

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Why Work with Vic Qi?


1. A Leader


Being the eldest daughter, I am trained to own the responsibility since young. I had been leaders in the past company, leading at most 7 teammates in operation. So as my university days. Most recently, inspired by global leaders, I initiated a social movement- Viibrant where we create space for authentic human interactions. I choose to lead and to inspire others to be a leader too. 

2. A Team Player

global host

I work the best is when I have a team, where we support each other. To create greater impact for global social movement like the eye contact experiment, we, the global host work together to reach out to more people. Also, I perform best when the leaders are the top performers who are great influencers. I would fundraise the way to Perth to work with Peter, the co-founder of The Liberators International. 

3. People-oriented


My purpose in life is to bring people together (high quality people engagement) and create space for authentic interaction in the long term. It is never about the one off event but via these events we are able to create long term solution in either technology or physical space. My focus will always be creating value to the people, regardless of their background.

4. A Social Bridge


To bring people from different background and culture, we need to work together to understand each other better. I am from a marketing background, dealt with startups, corporates, universities, youth and NGOs, more towards social sector.  I have been involved as a middle party connecting the right people and I enjoy doing so. 

5. A Peace Maker


I can work with different personalities, a good listener who respect each party’s viewpoint but stay firmed on my values. My ex-colleagues refer me as a Buddha, but truly, I am not. I have develop high self-awareness in making choice to respond instead of react. 

Top 3 Portfolio:


  1. Southeast Asia Largest Augmented Reality Hunt


(Penang, 2014) – Youth Coordinator

Treasure hunt with mobile app promoting Penang’s tourist destination partnering with universities from Philippines, Singapore and Indonesia.

More details: VideoFacebook Album, Post News

2. Youth Awards


(KL,2015) – Organizing Chairman

Award outstanding youth event organizers from 15 universities and 6 corporates.

More details: Facebook Album 

3. The World’s Biggest Eye Contact Experiment


(KL, 2016) – Malaysia’ Host

Host Malaysia’s first Eye Contact Experiment in KL with global hosts of 153 cities.

More details: 2016 Video, Facebook Album, Eye Contact Experiment Website

Event Case Studies

  1. Youth Pool Party 1.0 & 2.0: Photo Album


2. International Women’s Day – This Is For You Wall: Video, Photo Album

1a japanese

3. City Silence in the Park: Photo Album

City silence

4. Social Night – Black Paradise Night: Photo Album 1Photo Album 2

bp 3.4


5. Perth’s Social Carriage: Video, Photo Album 

social carriage

6. Eye Contact Experiments in universities with Monsta: Heriot Watt University, Nilai University, UCSI