Past Movements in 2016

In 2016:

The movement started with a few close friends of mine, holding a cardboard with a camera, walking around Petaling Street, Dataran Merdeka and KLCC area. The intention is to create a video as a pre-awareness video on #Talk2Me project where we invite people to have conversation with us, and we serve as the ice breaker, we named it a Smile-a-thon. It turned out that we break our own ice, our fears and comfort zone because to walk around with the cardboard written #Talk2Me, it somehow testify our self-image and self-perceived ego, where we need to break all the perceived self-doubt we had on ourselves to walk through the street with a smile. We would recommend you to try out as a self trust experiment. You may watch the video here. We did a few experiments with the cardboard in three areas, even dance at the Dataran Merdeka.

The next movement is when we decided to do a trial eye contact experiment nearby Central Market in Kuala Lumpur. Nadilah, the volunteers and I were gathered to create cardboard signs and we experiment it the week before the real experiment. We shared eye contact with each other, there were tears, unexpected joy and peace around, where we all shared such great vibration together. You may watch the video here.

The Eye Contact Experiment was located at the Central Market, Kuala Lumpur, where another 150 cities from all over the world is hosting the same experiment on the same date. We invited the public to share eye contact with each other for one minute. We have around 100 members of the public came over to experience the eye contact connection with each other. We make friends from different background and countries, we make connections via the eye in 2 hours, the first hour was under the rain. With the help of social media, people slowly gathered even it was raining. It was a beautiful moment we all shared. Thanks to The Liberators International for inviting us and coordinating the experiment with 50 over countries. You may watch the KL’s Eye Contact Experiment video here and the people’s voice after the experiment here.

Flowers for you, and it is free. It was the day where we decided to distribute free flowers to members of the public. We want to remind the public that there is still good in this world , and we would love to remind that they deserved to have the flower, as a blessing for a good day. People were surprised and we started conversation with them. There were happy and surprised moments by the recipients. Thank you for the beautiful moments. You may watch the video here on Facebook.

There were 2 days, an initiative of Monsta, we invited students of 10 universities to dance with us, with a song named “Can’t Stop the Feeling”. Some students are someone that we know, but half of them, we approached them on that day and most of them were open to accept the invitation. That is one beautiful day with friends and strangers. Video can be found here.