Human Connection Series

The Start of The Journey

Vic Qi is on her journey to collect wisdom on self-awareness and experiment ways for human connection. After a media interview from TV2 program 《前线视窗》, she was inspired by the reporter Yu Qian to create a Human Connection Series Gallery in November 2017.

The purpose is to showcase ways of human connection with different cultures in photos and short films. One to raise awareness of real life social interaction, two to raise funds for those who are in need.

Her inspiration of creating Vii, Vibrant Interactions, which is a movement for human connection is from Eckhart Tolle and The Liberators International. Both raise her up through difficult emotional times. Below shows her first few initiatives with friends in 2016 – #Talk2Me and Eye Contact experiment.



Explore and Deepen Connections

She intend to create a documentary of Human Connection Series starting from her home country, Malaysia, to Australia, to ASEAN, to Asia and towards global. Having to experiment varies movement in March & April of 2017 in Malaysia, she would love to explore and learn from the masters which coincidently will be in Perth in the early May.

Deepening Connection in Australia

In the coming May, she will explore Perth and Sunshine Coast of Australia to meet and deepen connection with Eckhart Tolle plus The Liberators. For this to happen, she needs your help.

you n me to perth

To explore and deepen the connections, the goal is to raise RM10,800 (3213 AUD) for 11 days 10 nights in Australia.

Date: 5th to 15th May 2017

Location: Perth & Sunshine Coast of west Australia


In short, to collect wisdom from master of presence (self-awareness) – Eckhart Tolle and human connection – The Liberators International, who both play important roles in creating Vii- Vibrant Interactions.

In details,
1. Meet The Liberators International and Eckhart Tolle
2. Explore ways to deepen human connections globally & locally
3. Strengthen Human Connection Series in 2017

Who am I?

My name is Vic Qi, I was raised in a country side small town called Gopeng of Malaysia. With blessings encounter in life, I believe everybody deserves healthy relationships, especially the one with ourselves. So, I am on a mission to create movement and space for human connection, to bring people together.

What is Vii?

This mission created Vii which stands for Vibrant Interactions. It is a social movement which creates activities and space to promote real-life social interaction. The first one was hosting The Eye Contact Experiment with The Liberators International in October 2016 where people connecting strangers by sharing eye contact.

Why Australia?

I will be going to Perth first then Sunshine Coast of Australia. Because Eckhart Tolle resides in the US and he is having a tour round Australia in May 2017. Perth is one of location for a day session on the 7th of May, and the retreat of 3 days 2 nights (12th – 14th May) will be in Sunshine Coast. The best part is The Liberators is in Perth.

More information here:
7th May: Living in the Now session:
12th to 14th May: Deepening Presence with Eckhart Tolle:

Why Eckhart Tolle?

Transformation happens during the darkest moments, as I was searching for inspiration online, I got to know Eckhart Tolle from Oprah Winfrey Network. He taught us how to be in the present moment, not carrying the burden of past and future, I learned how to switch off the over-thinking mind. So I begun my inner journey towards self awareness of emotions and thoughts. This time, I aim to deepen the presence with Eckhart during his Living in the Now session and retreat in Sunshine Coast in May.

Echart Tolle:

Why The Liberators International?

At the very same stage of life, I saw video clips of The Liberators online where they create interesting movements in the public and invite others to join them. This has caught my attention as they spread joy and doing what they love to do. I got to know them by hosting Eye Contact Experiments with other global hosts in 2016, that was the start and taking them as the example, I know we could do more together.

The Liberators International:

How can The Liberators and Eckhart help Vii?

I am experimenting ways to connect with people by creating movements involving eye contact, listening, big talk and self-expression moments. Vii aim to inspire people to take action to create ripple effect for their communities and The Liberators has experience in creating ripples as such. I believe to be able to meet The Liberators and Eckhart Tolle will deepen my connection to myself and also relationship with others. I would love to lead by example to explore ways in strengthening ways to connect with people.

What is going to happen after Australia?

Towards the other half quarter of 2017, besides movements, we are working on collaborating to create a safe space and tools for social interactions in the public and private space. Vii intend to create a 3 steps mission for the public to participate – explore, take action, and sharing. Meanwhile, Vii is looking into creating an online platform for face-to-face interactions. If you know me well, you will know these are the step-by-step to achieve my vision of creating a Viillage.

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