How Can You Help

This is a mission to explore and deepen connections in Australia in the coming May.

The goal is minimum of RM5,000 to attend Eckhart Tolle’s session and to meet The Liberator International in Perth. I need your help to make this happen, donations in exchange for experiences.

How can you help?

There are 3 ways to help:

1. Donate

Donate in exchange for experiences to support Vic Qi’s mission to Australia in May 2017 – here are experiences. Or pure donation of your choice, it can be in any amount to kick-start a ripple effect impacting people around you!


(Please note that 3% will be deducted by PayPal, kindly add 3% to your donation amount. The best option is via bank transfer, this is the account number 4561609225 (Public Bank, Pan Vic Qi) and please inform me about your generosity.)  

2. Sponsor

Sponsor VicQi’s mission in exchange for people engagement activities to your company with special corporate packages. Kindly contact Vic Qi to proceed.

3. Take Action

Take action to connect Vic Qi to your friends or someone you know who are interested in creating such movements for the people they care about. Follow latest updates here – Vii Facebook page.

Appreciate your support in any ways. Together, we can create more. Thank you.

 The calculation In details?

The deepening journey to Australia is RM10,800 (3,213AUD) in total, with plan B of a minimum RM5,000. .


Perth- Living in the Now with Eckhart Tolle : RM1161 (AUD345)
Sunshine Coast – Deepening Presence Retreat: RM3687 (AUD1095)
TOTAL = RM4848 (AUD1,440)

KL – Perth: AirAsia RM253
Perth – KL: RM600
Gold Coast – KL: AirAsia around RM1000
TOTAL = RM2553 (AUD753) = RM3000 RM1,000

Accommodation (Kind gift to stay with The Liberators in Perth)
Perth: 10 nights X RM150 = RM900
Sunshine Coast: 2 nights X RM200= RM400
The other 2 nights included in the retreat ticket.
TOTAL COST= RM900 (Wish to offer The Liberators in gifts & experience)

(10-2=8) nights X 3 meals X RM50 = RM1200 (USD269)

Public Transportation
RM34 (10AUD) X 8 days = RM272 (USD61)

200 Instax Film: RM410
3 Social Towels: RM60
Big Talk Card: RM106.36

TOTAL: RM10,779.36 (Round up to RM10,800)
The minimum funds for Plan B: RM5000.

What happen after the donation?

Kindly notify Vic Qi, once confirmed, you will receive a receipt and coupon of your preference of experience. You may select a date to redeem the coupon in 2017. You are also invited to attend May’s Black Paradise Night to know her journey. May you have a great adventure!

I will announce the status of donation received on my Facebook profile.

Thank You.

Much Love,

Vic Qi