How Can I Help?

Here are ways I could help out

to create experience of true freedom with the Intention of Self-awareness & Human Connection.

I value experience in life, thus I would be happy to help in creating wonderful experiences for you with people whom you care about.

Find out what I have created here since 2016.

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6 Types of Experience:

Which experience would you love to have?


#1. A sense of belongingness with your community: 

Social Movements: Eye Contact Experience; Free Listening; Big Talk; City Silence

Find out more here: create your own social movements!

#2. A Night to Express Yourself:

Self- expression Moments: Black Paradise Night

Find out more here: create your own Black Paradise Night!

#3. An Awakening Session To Be In The Present Moment

Book Sharing Session: Sharing Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now & A New Earth

Find out more here: create your own Book Sharing session.

#4. An Unforgettable Moment

Surprises: Flash mobs / Freeze mobs

Find out more here: create your own surprise now!.

#5. A Day of Adventure And Discovery

Bring You Around: Gopeng + Ipoh 

Find out more here: create your own adventure!.

#6. Something To Connect Others

Social Tools: Social Blanket + Vii Tag

Find out more here: get your social tool now!.

+ Looking for Something Else?

You name it: ________.

Any part time tasks, do let me know if I could assist you. =)

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Thank You.