Flash Mob / Freeze Mob Surprises

Welcome to a Create More Unforgettable Surprises!

I love to create unforgettable happy and fun experiences to people around me, especially birthdays.

When I was working in a youth startup, I created prank on April Fool’s day, flashmob on birthday and pool parties for youth. I surprised my partner with a freeze mob with his friends. Here are the videos of what I have done with help of friends and colleagues.

  1. Prank on April Fool
  2. Birthday Flashmob
  3. Birthday Freeze mob
  4. Pool party

Let’s Create More Surprises Together!

Surprises show love and it is one way to draw people closer with a shared memory. If you are looking for ideas, or merely crazy friend to do something with you, I am in!

How can I Help?

This is exciting! I could help in hosting one surprises for your special one or to assist in ideas, planning and execution. Here are the suggested donation from idea generation to making it happen.


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