Finding Silence Project


Our Vision: Inspire people to find silence from within

Our Mission: Document silent practices, experience, space into e-book and video.

We are The Silent Loudspeaker

We want to invite people to take a break from digital devices to silence + healthy experience by creating daily pauses content and guide. This is to document into e-book and video so people could practise at home with small action step.

Silent Space Example In UK
Silent Space Example In UK

3 Objectives:

  • Invite 1000 people to Experience silence
  • Identify 100 space for silence (Me-Fi) and make easy access where people will come everyday to be in silence or relax.
  • Create daily pauses content (video, writing, E-Book) to inspire people to practice silence and take healthy action in daily life

Our promise: To calm the mind, relax the body – be in a pleasant state of mind and body.

Big Picture: Imagine you making conscious decision with clarity and handling daily activities calmly and energetically.

Proof: Silence is the new luxury. Rising trend of silence retreat, quiet places and meditation practices. Leaders and celebrities take Me-time off from digital devices to recharge themselves.

Pitch to You: Press the pause the button, take the time to be in silence.

The Duration: from July – December 2018.

We Need Your Support

To create this documentaries and content, I appreciate any working opportunities to support the funds for exploration and documentation of first chapter: Malaysia & India Journey.

  • Any Working Opportunities (content, coordination, concierge)
  • Experience silence with me –  Rest, Play, Eat Healthy
  • Subscribe monthly for Silence Pack

Support The Creation of Finding Silence Book

The Cover & Menu:


Slideshow of Finding Silence Project:


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We want to experience and bring quality assurance silence experience with healthy practices and tools, as well as access to verified silent spaces for a well-deserved break without digital devices and minimum noise.

Introducing Me-Fi And Nap-Fi

  • Me-Fi: A Silent Space for Me-Time

  • Nap-Fi: A Nap Space for Power Nap

Me-Fi is like “Wi-Fi” signal represent = this is a space for people to take a break, be in silence without digital devices. Imagine in your space, there is one corner or small table with “Me-Fi” sign written “Please silent your mobile phone and enjoy the silence.”

Silent Space Board in UK


Me-Fi Offers:

  • Quality Space for Silence
  • Off Technology Break
  • Minimum Noise / No speech


Enjoy the quiet serene environment to feel calm with Me-Fi signal silent places. Our Vision is When one see Me-Fi sign, one would know it is Me-Time friendly space. It acts as like a wi-fi signal but it signifies good rest without digital devices.

We Are Looking For You

We encourage people to take a break and enjoy the quiet by replacing digital devices to read, write, or do nothing. If you are one of three key players as below, this might finds you well.

3 Key Players:


  1. Space providers: Studios, Cafes, Co-working space, Office, Mall, Home who create a silent space (or nap space) and silence experience within certain timeframe or days.
  2. Practitioners: One who experience silence (or nap) in any chosen amount of period.
  3. Hosts: One who would host silence & healthy experience in chosen space providers.

Offerings To You:


  1. To Space Providers:
    1. Guide to Set Up a Silent (or Nap) Space with Me-Fi Sign
    2. Promote the space with 2 weeks trial and educational content
    3. Extra income: To be discussed
    4. Profit sharing of Silence Pack (or Health + Happiness Pack) and How-To Guide Content
  2. To Practitioners: 
    1. Guide for silent and healthy daily practices
    2. Guide to Make Silent space (how to make one at home)
    3. Access to Me-Fi places
    4. Silence experience and healthy products
  3. To Hosts:
    1. Guide to host Silence Experience and silent space
    2. Extra income: To be discussed

Finding Silence Experience:



This is a pilot project we would want to test the response before the official launch. Pilot project will start from September 2018 – December 2018. I am happy to share, kindly contact Vic Qi at for more!

Thank you and have a good week!