The Lost of Wonderland


I would love to give birth to a magical heartfelt experience, if you were reading this, most probably, this is for you. Wonderland is a space where the impossible becomes possible, where miracles happen, where the only limitation is our imagination. A space created to connect our hearts and express ourselves through our inner voice and body movements.

Why is this created? To shift our focus from the mind (ego) to the heart, transforming duality to oneness and stays there longer (even integration of both), till we practise more often of connecting the wisdom from the heart-brain. This is the practical experience of ‘follow your heart’.

As wonder permits, we explore the unknown parts of us and other parts of the world freely. Moving out of the conditioning from the society, we dive into the sacred space within the hearts of ours, connect to Mother Gaia, Father Sky, animals’ and plants’ kingdom. Listening to our intuition and wisdom connecting our ancestors. Where we give ourselves permission to be free, to be ourselves fully.

I am inviting you to be a co-creator for this experience, either as the participants, co-host of live music, or the space provider. It will be a night full of music, movement, and stories. Looking forward to connect with you. =)


=> Read more about Meraki flow.

I am a cosmic dancer & storyteller. An Artist. A Performer. A Facilitator.

Focusing on

    • Awakening of the cosmic Heart & Express from it;
    • Raising Feel Good Vibration
    • Expanding Consciousness.

Thank you for your participation. =)



Honouring Recharge Time


I took 2 months of break.

I remove myself from noise.

I dive deep.

I dance and sing.

I read, meditate, and take cold bath.

I feel the pain, run away, and feel it again.

I regain my power and inner strength.

I choose to follow my heart.

I love being authentic in my expression.

I am ready to initiate and co-create.

none of this matter anyway.


-Namaya Meraki Pan

Difficult Words

During difficult times, how do you go through it ?

A quote says, “to cure the pain is in the pain.”

I am embracing my pain and be okay with feeling uncomfortable. I choose to change instead of feeling stuck. Feeling the transitions, shedding the old layers, saying goodbye to familiar faces and places, appreciating what happened.

I thank you for loving the way I used to be. I thank you for giving all the support I need. I thank you for thinking of me. I thank you for making me laugh. I thank you for giving me a place to stay and a car to drive around. I thank you for sharing me food and love. I thank you for having me in mind for a long time. I thank you for supporting my work and your kind words of me. I thank you for your generosity for 10 years.

I tried to fit myself in the box of yours but I couldn’t do it anymore. I appreciate your good intentions but I cannot allow myself to be put down anymore. I appreciate your thoughts and expectations on me but I cannot fit into that image of yours. I appreciate your honesty and your suggestions but it’s not of my interest. I appreciate your patience with me, but I do not intend to tolerate your temper forever. I appreciate your love and I love you too but I just can’t stay side by side anymore.

No matter how hard I tried, I just can’t force myself to fit in the norms. It’s just so sad for me to think of this. How many years of friction getting to understand each other needs, we still have to go through this.

Im very desperate for change. I can’t risk losing my needs. I can’t bear the consequences just by imagining it. Though I still hope for the best. Of us.

Maybe it’s meant to be. That we learned so much from each other during these years. Maybe we just need to accept the fact that this is how it is.

It’s your birthday tomorrow. Your existence and our encounter is part of the sacred contract. I meant to meet , be with you, grow with you. Look who we are now. Despite challenges, we still grew a lot since then.

I am sending you loving thoughts, know that we all have choices. Free to choose in life. I choose to flow with life.

There is a sentence I saw in Instagram this morning. Very powerful.

”I am letting you go.”

I am sorry, please forgive me.

I thank you and I love you.


Infinite love,





July’s Inner Learnings

There has been an intense feeling this month, here is my sharing recorded. Very raw, unplanned and just go with the flow.

I talked about facing the inner fears, embracing and honouring the feelings for transformation, fear of success, codependency issues, tendency to rescue others (allow them to take their own responsibility), the ‘Rescuer’ archetypes etc.

Recommended book: The Sacred Contracts by Caroline Myss (download e-book from online library:

Lots of blessings to you. May you enjoy =)


Love & blessings,

Vic Qi


Panel Discussion: Creating Sharing & Circular Economy

Dear one,

Yesterday I shared about Share & Regenerate project. I wish to share on a Panel Discussion we had on the 29th June 2019 during a mini gathering yet having significant guests from 4 different industries to share.

A recap: We wanted to create a sharing community with open source resources online and sharing hub offline in each neighbourhood. The first step was to gather people of interest to co-create such community. We had the first Share & Regen mini fest on the 29th June 2019.


We had 4 panelists:

  • Eric Lim from SOHOland on Fractional Ownership;
  • Beverly Lim from Qu Exchange on sharing platform for SMEs (small and medium enterprises);
  • Alan Cheah from GoCar on car sharing platform; and
  • Jacqueline Chang from Circular Economy Club (Kuala Lumpur).
  • With me, the social artist as the moderator.

Here is the flow, starting from

The introduction:

We have representatives from sharing platforms on transportation, on co-owned property, on SMEs business products and services, and on circular economy. How can we create sharing community with these sharing platforms in a regenerative way, shifting from linear economy (take-make-use-dispose) to circular economy (design-make-use-reuse-recycle-remanufacture)?



  1. ERIC LIM – SOHOland: Sharing economy advocator of SOHOMINIUM (Small-Office-Home-Office in Condominium) concept in Kuala Lumpur. Heading towards the Sharing Economy / Collaborative Consumption / Solidarity Economy based on the Triple Bottom Line approach, paying equal emphasis to Profit / People / Planet on a sustainable basis, financially, socially and environmentally.

SOHOland – Specializes in “place-making” such as business center, co-working space, co-housing etc. It is a jointly owned (Collaborative) property utilized as a “Secondary Home” for Live-Work-Travel-Learn-Play (LW-T-LP) lifestyle.

2. Beverly Lim – Qu Exchange: Having co-founded Qu Exchange, she believes in helping SMEs since they form a large majority of businesses globally. Beverly met her two other co-founders, who shared similar views during an internship, and that was where the journey to create this platform started. Beverly’s vision is to make Qu a global exchange for SME businesses.

Qu Exchange – An SME Sharing Economy Exchange where it gives SMEs the option to finance without the use of cash in order to aid their cash flow difficulties. . Qu Exchange is a marketplace that facilitates the trade of products & services among MSMEs and individuals using Qu Point as payment.


3. Alan Cheah – GoCar Malaysia: The Chief Executive Officer at GoCar Malaysia, an on-demand car sharing platform with over 350 locations across 7 states in Malaysia, and recently the Chief Executive Officer at GoEVcharger, an E-Mobility Operator (EMO) to provide and operate the charging infrastructure for Electric Vehicles (EV).

GoCar Malaysia- An on-demand car sharing platform that allows you to book a car by the hour or day via the GoCar app. As an alternative to car ownership, we are on a journey to transform the way we think about transportation to make Malaysia greener and smarter. GoCar was established in 2015 on two simple notions — to provide flexibility to book a car and make owning a car as an option in Malaysia.


4. Jacqueline Chang – Circular Economy Club (Country Representative): Manage the circular economy community in Kuala Lumpur and host activities to connect professionals working on the field and share best practices as a CEC Local Organiser.

Circular Economy Club CEC – the international network of over 3000+ circular economy professionals and  organisations from over 100 countries. It is non-profit, global and open. CEC’s mission is to bring circular economy to every corner of the world to share information, develop relationships  and collaborate to have a bigger impact globally.


What Works Well: Summary

The global trend on sharing platforms and tools such as Airbnb, Grab and Uber created opportunities to rise for sharing platforms such as GoCar, SOHOland, Qu Exchange. Along with the rising awareness on climate change, No Straws No Plastics campaign created the need to turn trash into valuables (circular loop).

What are the main challenges:

Besides the normal challenges on the business side is the mindset of the community. These platforms took years to share and educate the related parties to take the necessary steps. Advocators and influential helps to spread the message, group effort with a focus group might be a solution to move forward for example TTDI area with community garden where the neighbourhood grow their own food, sell food to nearby restaurant, with compost recycled to the garden (an example of close loop).

Advice to the individual & collective:

With one person can change the world. On personal effort, by just composting your own food will help the environment collectively. Meanwhile, be grateful from within, to the people around you, to the guards who helped you, to every opportunity. When we focus on the opportunity, opportunity will present itself.

I personally takeaway a lot of good vibes, persistent energy, and notes from these wonderful panelists. Looking forward to talk about the strategy part to make things happen and better!

Coming up, will be sharing the Skillshare session on Social initiatives and Ecology initiatives from many representative in the mini fest.



Panel discussion

I had the best time yesterday attending a ‘Speaker’s Sharing’ by 4 BRILLIANT Personalities. Thank you Vic Qi Pan for creating the session. I felt the 4 chosen Speakers applied products to me personally and the problems I face in life. It was extremely relatable, user-friendly and problem solving.

1. Substance 2. Concept 3. Product 4. Benefit 5. Sharing

Speaker 1 – Mr. Eric Lim, Owner of SOHOLAND
• Fraction Ownership – Who can afford a home these days? Be realistic! Unlike FinTech, ‘Fraction Ownership’ allows you and multiple buyers to own the space, receive investment benefits AND share/use the space. Usually only multiple investors can buy a property but not use or share it.

Speaker 2 – Jacqueline Chang, Country Representative of Circular Economy Club Malaysia
• Circular not Linear Recycling. The difference?
Profits, bridging extreme age gaps in communities, creating an economy for the country, benefiting back to the people in health, mental and environmental benefits PLUS creating job opportunities! Circular Economy DOES! With research on numbers and expenditure reported by Hannah Yeoh (Minister of Energy, Green Technology, Science and Climate Change), explanation of processes, local plus international case studies, it was inspirational and beneficial to the community on every level. Everyone needs to start thinking and adopting CIRCULAR ECONOMY. A full-scholarship law degree recipient and Bar UK, academic award-winning scholar, Jacqueline has worked in legal, SMEs, Consulting, International and Local Relations, Project Managing on Global Scale, endless list actually and she is also MY SISTER! I AM SO PROUD OF HER! 🎉🎉🎉Applause please 😄😄😄💗💗💗 Check out Urban Hijau. Contact Azlan Mohd

Speaker 3 – Beverly Lim of Qu-Exchange (pronounced Chi)
• Barter on calculated valued system. Who has big cash?
Remember back in the day, people bartered chicken, flour and so forth. WHO HAS BIG LOADED CASH IN HAND? YOUTH? NO ONE! Qu-Exchange provides BARTER on a bigger scale. You can now exchange your products to create, set-up your business and in order to get going you can exchange products for what you need and don’t stop there. Not everyone has bulks of cash in hand to purchase products and supplies. Be realistic! In a calculated valued system, the value of your prodcuct is measured for the exchange of products you need.

Speaker 4 – Alan Cheah, CEO of GoCar Malaysia.
• Car Sharing at Affordable Prices and Multiple Points.
Who wants to afford a car / commit to long-term billS?
Unlike renting a car, GoCar or CarSharing has been established long before SOCAR came into the scene. However, as expected, irresponsible and ‘tidak apa’ attitude Malaysians including hygiene levels, the company faced car returns in bad conditions which gave birth to the point and reward system that the team had to create. As how you return the car, you may be renting back the same car next. Essentially, the car is yours when you have it. The concept is brilliant at only RM6.90 an hour, for those that can’t afford to own a car and do not want liabilities, short-term usage, inaccessible public transportations, out of town trips, your car is too old to drive and you can’t afford a new one with a snap of your fingers, no money to currently fix the current one and what is different? 300 multiple pick-up and drop-of points in all of Malaysia unlike car rentals where you have to drive back to the main office you rented. You can CHANGE and SWITCH cars. One day you own a Nissan, the next a Renault. Now everyone can drive yes?

Think about it. These 4 products are brilliant future solutions. Carefully selected and picked, they were so applicable to NOW and the future. These are rounded solutions. I felt very lucky to have met these people and to know that these products actually existed because I never did before. More brains like these are needed for the future. Real Substance. Real Beneficial Products. Real Problem Solving Solutions that addresses the needs and problems that people are FACING NOW! WE ALL DO NOT HAVE CASH, WE ALL DO NOT WANT TO BE TIED DOWN. WE ALL WANT INCOME. WE ALL WANT FLEXIBILITY. WE ALL WANT A GREEN FUTURE FOR FAMILIES. WE WANT HOMES! Such targeted ideas and hidden gems in society do exist! FILTERED and POLISHED. 👍👍👍🤩🤩🤩


Grateful for the sharing Michelle ❤

Youthful Wednesday to You who are here =) Blogging from Cameron Highlands, Listening to Putumayo Presents – Women of Latin America.


Vic Qi

The First Step To Share & Regenerate

Dear all,

Welcome to this space. I have been creating different kind of experiments involving people with meaningful interactions. These recent months, it is a bit different than self and human connection. It is the third layer of connection involving community, planet and economy.

-> The Share & Regenerate project

“We won’t grow and learn, doing what we’ve always done, and thinking what we’ve always thought. We need to move beyond our comfort zones. We need to engage with new and different if we want to expand ourselves.”
― Akiroq Brost

Thus, here comes the first idea, to create a sharing community, the first strategy is to find who have been doing so and gather them. Action taken: by creating a Meetup group on share and regenerate, by hosting first sharing circle, by co-hosting first mini fest focusing on sharing and regenerating. It all happened in 3 months since May.

Hereby sharing the ripple effect of such actions:

  1. What Happen After The Meetup Group: Hosted first Sharing Circle on Meetup with 20 people show up, we met our first coach, Murphy to collaborate on 1 event, we met our first venue sponsor for mini fest, Eric, we met our friend (John) on mental health circle, we met our friend, Joe who are hosting events for change-makers.
  2. After the first sharing circle also known as Gift Circle, we hosted a sharing circle on Mental Health the next month with 20 people turn up. (Where we met our dear volunteers and participants (Rishi, Jason, Fareez) for the mini fest and a few dear friends on shadow work study.)
  3. After the First Mini Fest, we started with 3 co-hosts, gratefully had 10 volunteers who share their efforts, 22 speakers and facilitators who shared their stories and energy, 6 guests with the speakers, 6 paid participants who shared funds, and 11 friends and partners who came to help and support. A mini gathering of 58 people from 10am to 10pm with panel discussion to music & art storytelling to skill-share in social and ecology matters to women’s and men’s circle, this is the beginning.

Rome was not built in a day.

In 2 months, from hosting events to meeting partners, we started with a close knit group about 100 people in Kuala Lumpur.  We are happy to start with this as the foundation for this ‘marathon’ project.

What is our vision?

To see every neighbourhood has their own shared space (commune) where they can gather to share stories, resources, and food in a regenerative way. 

2 Main Challenges: 

  1. Mindset- We might have been trained to share toys or food when we were young, but as we grow, we were taught to be wary of each other. Why share when we can afford our own entertainment or play room in our house?
  2. Access to Funds- Talking about shared ownership, creating a pool of investments to create a share hub would need a certain level of trust within a community.

Which leads to the connection of human being. Which also co-related to inner connection as..

..everyone we meet is our mirror.

The outer situation reflect on our inner situation. Along this journey, when we are connected with self, we know that whatever happens, whoever comes forth, we can handle it.

With this, I lead you back to this question, before any other,

-> How connected are you to yourself?


And an ending with quotes:

“The best way to predict the future is to invent it”, computer scientist Alan Kay famously said in 1971.

“You never change something by fighting the existing reality, to change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” Fuller said.


Note: I will be blogging about the Sharing Circles and Sha.Re Mini Fest in detailed next. Here are some of the captured moments.

Sharing Circles Gallery:

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Share & Regenerate Mini Fest Gallery:

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Bonus: 3 Main Lessons

  1. Find out the response by making it happen.
  2. Focus on what works and strengthen it.
  3. Even it doesn’t came out as expected, be grateful for the lessons.

What’s next?

  • Creating awareness in Singapore
  • Creating Skillshare lessons online
  • Creating Pop-up Share Hub in TTDI


May you find strength in what you do. =)