#12HoursReconnect for Love & Connection

Dear centres, studios, farms and cafes,

We want to work with you and we are coming to you with #12hoursReconnect!

+Reconnect is a sharing network for change-makers on alternative (not-so-mainstream) options. We connect people to co-create shared resources and hubs in the community. Reconnect Pop-Up is here to amplify the love and connection within your community for 12 hours!

How can we amplify the love and connection we already have?

We are an open source network to balance social capital, environment capital and financial capital within us and the community.

We want to exchange what-we-know and what-you-know with the Greens and health-related Centres! With the aim to co-create education experiential sessions and online resources so we could share and earn together. These case studies, resources and tools will be shared online for change-makers to apply in another part of the world.

Our dream is to have regenerative hubs as share hubs within the community, to meet, learn and share offline about mindfulness, healthier alternatives, and regenerative approaches.


What we are offering for #12HoursReconnect:

Focusing on social, economy, and ecology:

  1. We facilitate people engagement sessions which brings people closer to each other: gift circle, gratitude circle, eye contact, deep talk, sound listening, power of touch, nature connection. (2.5 hours)
  2. We share experiential education on authentic connection, mindfulness, sharing community, circular economy, and plant based food. (1.5 hour)
  3. We can cook plant based food (buddha bowl, coconut milk chia seed pudding) and prepare recharge tea (ginger, lemon, herbs, blue pea flower, roselle tea).
  4. We can lead simple Qigong+Yoga stretches in the morning and body movement to relieve stress in the evening. (1 hour)

12 hours of #authenticconnection #healthy #plantbasedfood #mindful #sharing #day

Proposed Itinerary as below:

  • 8am-9am simple Qigong + Yoga stretches
  • 9am-10am Breakkie – Lemon, Ginger water, Chia seed pudding, fruits
  • 10am-11am experiential education authentic connection & sharing community- co living (social)
  • 11am-12:00pm People engagement session
  • 12:00pm-1:30pm Lunch- Mindful Buddha bowl & experiential education on Plant based food
  • 1:30pm-2:30pm experiential education sharing platforms & Shared funds investments (economy) ex:steemit, grab
  • 2:30pm-3:30pm Economy sharing+Practical session
  • 3:30pm-4pm recharge tea session, fruits
  • 4pm-5pm experiential education circular economy (ecology)– edible garden, urban green, permaculture, renewable, food, waste
  • 5pm-6pm Ecology Sharing+Practical session
  • 6pm-7pm Mindful Walk + body movement 
  • 7pm-8pm Vege BBQ, bonFire, Music

In this phase, we are also looking for advisors for board of council, financial partners, media partners, community partners, venue partners, change-makers, green centres owners, supporting members, active members, core team members and friends to plant and water the ‘seeds’.

Let’s cultivate a mindful community who take care of our own wellbeing (mind, body, spirit), open to sharing, and co-owned a common space to feel closer and practise regenerative solutions for our home – Mother Earth.




With tight long hugs,

Vic Qi


Reconnect: Sharing Network for Changemakers

I have a dream.

Picture this.

When our neighbours gather in the Saturday evening, in this huge common space, sitting comfortably in a circle, enjoying the freshly cooked meal, sharing babies’ stories and new ways to co-create a comfortable environment to stay.

We, the mechanics, the office workers, the bankers, the carpenters, the salesperson, the teachers, mummies, daddies, even grandparents, co-owned this common space where we share meals, a garden for flowers and vegetables, a notice boards with food recipes or help notice, and a storeroom for common use tools.

Our activities are filled through the week like exercise day, eat together day, sharing day, gift day and gardening day.

We are a member of our cooperatives, a community-owned network, where neighbours work together to co-create such common space to bring people closer, to share laughter, and learn new topics like composting and renewable energy to save money.

Every Sunday morning, we host a Food Festival with our homegrown food and fruits to raise funds for the cooperatives. The funds could be use to support our neighbourhood new initiatives, entrepreneurs, or to restore something.

We feel great to be self-reliance on our own food system as a supplier of food production to ourselves and nearby markets. As we learn about the food we eat, ways to minimise waste, compost our leftovers and how renewable energy as alternatives to improve the quality of life, we see so much potential to slowly transition into a regenerative community.

In near future, we could see what’s already coming in Europe and America, more Co-operatives and Community Benefit Societies where we could share cars, and start to have community investments and shares focusing on community benefits.

The vision is to cultivate a mindful community who take care of our own wellbeing (mind, body, spirit), open to sharing, and co-owned a common space to feel closer and practise regenerative solutions for our home – Mother Earth.

About +Reconnect Network

+Reconnect is a sharing network for change-makers. We connect people to co-create shared resources and regenerative hubs in the community.

How can we amplify the love and connection we already have?

Today, there are many alternatives for us to live healthier, get closer to each other, and do something to minimise waste. Too many options and assumptions could be distracted at times. So we decided to test it out, we want to experience ourselves on ways to amplify love and connection between people and Mother Earth.

We aim to co-create an open source network to balance social capital, environment capital and financial capital within the community .

From Co-Living space, urban edible gardens in the city to Permaculture farms, Eco-villages in the suburban, we would love to explore the current ways they are applying. Then, we invite these change-makers (cities and greens centres) to co-create shared resources to empower people to take one more step further.

We could host educational experience, festivals to be collected as case studies. Moving forward, we would love to co-create a Regenerative Hub within the community as a co-owned shared common space. This is where people hang out to meet, share, and learn practices. A supportive network for change-makers to promote own wellbeing, society’s wellbeing and Mother Earth wellbeing.

Reconnect Asia Tour 2019

– Phase 1 & 2

First stop, we are starting from Malaysia to Thailand with Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, India, Japan, and Philippines in the line.

We will be exploring and exchanging wisdom with the Green Centres and change-makers in the cities. Then, we would co-create education experiential sessions and online resources. The case studies, resources and tools will be shared online. Looking forward to create regenerative hubs, which could be a pop-up, to meet, learn and share offline about regenerative approaches.

In this phase, we are looking for advisors for board of council, financial partners, media partners, community partners, change-makers, green centres owners, supporting members, active members, core team members and friends to plant and water the ‘seeds’.

In year 2050, we are anticipating to enjoy the lush forest of these ‘seeds’ with generations to come, 30 years later. We hope this will paint the picture of limitless possibilities with the power of co-creation.

May we take action to make our dreams come true. =)


Dancing under the stars, 

Vic Qi


Youth Climate Action Conference – MYDxLCOY

Youth Climate Action Conference – MYDxLCOY


One fine weekend, I had the opportunity to participate a Local Conference of Youth (LCOY) – Youth Climate Action Conference hosted by Malaysian Youth Delegation #MYD and Power Shift Malaysia. It was held on Saturday to Sunday (10th – 11 Nov), at Oasis Village with about 50 youths from all over Malaysia.

I went with an intention to find out what I can do for climate action, a baby step before creating eco-villages around Asia. When I read the purpose of the conference “is to act as a capacity building platform for the youths to share our experience, skills, insights and environmental solutions, coupled with practical workshops and presentations”, this was how I spend my weekend!



Plus, I am interested to find out the principle of Talanoa Dialogue which is used to stimulate dialogue to provide structured and action-oriented input. We used Talanoa dialogue to share stories, build empathy and to make wise decisions for the collective good.


The Fijian word ‘Talanoa’ refers to an inclusive process of dialogue where all participants, regardless of power or influence, are peers. The Talanoa Dialogue provides a new framework in which parties but also non-state actors can contribute to accelerate climate action.


Line up of interesting informational speakers like Mazlina from WWF Malaysia, Shaqib, Lhavanyah, and Syaqil from Malaysian Youth Delegation (MYD), Siva Prakesh from Tengah Island Conservation, Zan Azlee from, Shazni Bai from KUASA, Francis Tan from Tzu Chi Foundation Malaysia, Heng Kiah Chun from Greenpeace, Lastrina from Singapore Youth Climate Action.





These are the Highlights From the 2-Day Session:


  1. We started with interesting “Vale Lailai” Agreement where Vale Lailai means toilet in Fijian word. Question: There is an apartment which stays 2 groups of people – Annexe 1 and non-Annexe. For the first time the one and only toilet in the apartment breakdown, (divide into group of Annexe 1 & non-annexe) what will you do to save the toilet?46064030_1915068502122163_7084410042056704000_o
  2. For Talanoa dialogue, I chose the topic of “Sustainable Cities” out of “Green Economic”, “Food Security”, “Renewable Energy”, “Biodiversity”, as it is most related to Eco-villages, just that this is in the city. We uses Talanoa dialogue structure guided by Emily and Mike from MYD (where are we now, where do we want to go, how do we go there) then ended with a group presentation.  46468137_1917520848543595_5143726475198857216_o
  3. IMG_1119One of the most pro-founding presentation is from Mr. Francis Tan from Tzu Chi Foundation Malaysia about co-exist with Mother Earth where he uses real life demonstration with our plastic usage. He shared with his magic trick, we used 6 plastics for our takeaway breakfast including straw, plastic bags, plastic Tupperware etc. He showed us this powerful video of Midway Bird: 46380379_1917522231876790_209995334946914304_o
  4. Artivist network – Artivism with Eline and Angus as founding members. An autonomous nomadic EarthCitizens group who set up community hubs and Artspaces as creative resistence to defend nature. These community+Artspace are known as Jungle Houses across three continents and multiple United Nations convergences and conferences. I enjoyed the Money Making Workshop and sticker printing! It is very liberating and inspiring to know they are playing such a role to spread awareness about environment. Eline has been printing recycled T-Shirts. 

    They are hosting a pop-up Jungle House in Jakarta from 7th – 16th December, welcome to be apart! Check Out Jakarta Jungle House for more information:!IMG_1088

  5. Playing Reef Stakes game, an educational role playing game as stakeholder in determining the future of coral reef ecosystem and understanding the challenges faces today. It was an informative session where my partner and I chose a “Fisherman” card where we have to protect our marine, there are other parties like developer and businessman who are more into building assets. 


And, I love that our lunch during Youth Climate Action Conference – MYDxLCOY was vegetarian food prepared by The Picha Project The Picha Project is a Impact Driven Enterprise that empowers marginalized groups in Malaysia through a sustainable food delivery and catering business.


In the end, we did reached a goal to build empathy, trust, and cooperation. I felt a strong need to play my part for climate change starting with zero usage of plastics and minimise food waste. Thank you MYD team (Emily, Thomas, Mike, Aaliyah, Joe, Syaqib, and a few more)  for the effort, it feels good to know there is a group of passionate youth working for a better world!



Together, we can do so much more!


Vic Qi

3 Ways To Sleep Better

Is sleeping an issue to you? 

I love sleeping, I love the idea having time to rest, just laying down and entering into my dreamland with limitless possibilities. But, with working arrangements and something that bothers me I would find it hard to sleep. I would glue my eyes to the screens, juicing out any idea I could to solve the problems.

Then, I have an issue with sleeping. I went on researching what causes my bad relationship with sleeping. Beside some necessary stress, I believe it has something to do with the screen time and food or drink we had.

When trying to sleep is as hard as trying to wake up in the morning.


Why do find it hard to sleep?

  1. Screen time
  2. Stressing about future
  3. Overeat & Caffeine drinks before bed



(1) Screen Time: Do you face screens the hour before bed? Whether it’s watching TV, surfing the internet, playing video games or texting. I do. Watching entertaining video or TV keep me up much longer. It is said that people who text before bed were less likely to get a good night’s sleep, more likely to wake up tired as sleepy, and more likely to drive drowsily.

Okay, it sounds relatable here.


It is hard to sleep when your heart is at war with your mind. – R.h.Sin.



(2) Stressing about future: Well this is linked to the screen time I had before bed. Because there are many problems to solve, I felt overwhelm, so I ‘numb’ my feelings by watching screens’ entertainment, this put my mind on ‘off’ mode from overthinking.  Then, when my eyes are tired, I would turn the screen off to sleep. This way, I tend to bring some of my worries to my dreamland. Waking up with the same worries plus tiredness of the eyes.


Coffee cup - cup of coffee

(3) Overeat & Drink Caffeine beverages: Yes, I find myself hard to sleep if I eat a LOT for dinner. Bloated with gas and feeling uncomfortable with it. I don’t drink coffee or caffeine beverages much, but this could be a factor.

“Caffeine reaches a peak level in your blood within 30 to 60 minutes. It has a half-life of 3 to 5 hours. The half-life is the time it takes for your body to eliminate half of the drug. The remaining caffeine can stay in your body for a long time.” – Sleep Education.

How to sleep easily?

There are many solutions suggested but let’s focus on the 3 points above.


(1) Screen Time: What I could do is to not touch my phone or watch TV an hour before I sleep. This is my top wish, I tell you. Being able to put my phone out of the room is my dream. If not, maybe try a more passive approach, listening to music than playing games which is less engaging. Let’s invite our loved ones to do it too, as this will replace our habit faster if we do it together.

One tips, get a proper alarm clock. 



(2) Stressing about future: Well, taking time off the screen for ourselves before bed could help us to stay grounded. It works for me when I wrote my worries or rather ‘to-do-list’ down before I sleep, it is a temporary offloading worries which we could not control and allow our mind to rest. Counting blessings also helps too, feeling good for what we have.

One tips, surrender to what is happening, knowing you have done your best and let go of controlling the outcome. All is well. =) 


Screen Shot 2018-10-11 at 4.23.53 PM

(3) Overeat & Drink Caffeine beverages: Haha- simply do not overeat. But, I still do it at times when I am ‘stress’ about future. Linking to number 2, I was not in the present moment. Well, I wouldn’t comment much on this as I support the word ‘do what you feel like’. For drinks, drinking caffeine free tea helps me, like Holistic Gaharu tea (Agarwood tea) which support deep sleep, reduce insomnia with the natural calming effect that reduces symptoms of stress from the aroma produced from the tea.

One tips, if you are feeling anxious, a cup of coffee is the last thing you need and may result in you becoming more anxious. Consider a healthy, relaxing alternative instead.

It’s time to redirect our focus to our body and mind. Listen to what it needs and honour that. If our body needed time to rest, give permission to yourself to rest. If our body needs a break from the screen, take a break, maybe go within. =)

May you do your best to sleep well tonight.


Vic Qi



Day 16 in Leh

We officially ended the Ladakh retreat and expedition today with our last yoga practice with Jason and Melody this morning.

IMG_5967 (1)

Jason shared how to develop self practise at home for about an hour plus then we went off to decide what’s next. A huge appreciation for Jason to always give 1001% to share his experience and knowledge, and to Melody who always their to help is correct our posture and giving tips for QiGong exercises.

Leo, Angela, Cindy, Chloe and I went out for lunch at The Blue Lotus of Leh central. They tried out different food of green curry chicken, masala chicken and some appetisers. Green curry is nice but it’s more sour compared to what we usually have.


We walked around the market for a couple of hours and I got myself two Tibetan modern language book with a strong determination to learn and master Tibetan. I do feel like I am apart of Tibetan. A strange familiarity, longing to go home.

When we returned to KangXing hotel, which is 15 minutes walk to the Leh Market. I am thankful for Melody’s sharing about Yoni eggs. It’s also an interest of mine to explore more about feminity with Tantra.

And guess what, we (exclude Leo, include Melody) went for a walk to the market again, we were looking at different shops for Kurta, Pashmina and some cute souvenirs. A couple of hours later we had a late dinner at Gesmo German Bakery, I ordered a Veggie burger as I have not had burger for a long time. Many cookies are available too!

IMG_6035 (1)


A good meal with fellow familia, a good time shopping with girls and ended with a good laugh with the rest of us here. Miho went back to Japan, Grit went to hiking, Gurmet went back to his house and Jason + Melody are leaving us tomorrow morning.

So, I will be spending good time with 5 more wonderful people (4 Malaysians) in the coming days before my turn to fly. I’m grateful to have companions at the same time preparing for unknown soon.

All is well 🙂 Super grateful to daddy who help me bought flight ticket to Delhi today!


Goodnight all, l love you!


Day 15 in Leh

Our Last day with the team of 12 in Ladakh. It was a celebration before we parted our own ways. I was yearning for more sleeping hours thus this would be a short note with more pictures.


Anyhow, it was a day to remember.


1. Outdoor Yoga ended with hugs and tears.

2. Attending Save Himalayas Conference


3. Shopping for Kurtha with Leo bargain skills

3. Jason sharing Bryon Katie’s Loving What is

4. Last Family gathering with gifts


Goodnight all 💖




Day 14 in Leh

It’s day 14! Our second last day of the retreat and expedition organised by Vira Life Academy.

Awaken from the tent, we had a Lovely sunrise in Pangong Lake.


Today would be the coldest yoga session ever, thankfully Jason started with sun salutation to warm the body. As we were yoga-ing, the sun is slowly rising up, honouring the sun light as we were doing sun salutations.


I love how we interact as a group, given the free time to spend time in nature, we had a wonderful memories together, joking, laughing and just staying side by side. This will never happen again.



We say goodbye to Norboo and Galaxy Camp, down down here we go to Leh. It is more than four hours journey in the car with astounding views of mountains.


We stopped at Tsoltak’s Amchi Restaurant to have our lunch and took a ‘duckling’ boat ride. Yummy lunch pack:



A group of cyclists stopped by to camp:


Then we stop by Shey Monestry at Choglamsar for a short visit. Full of history with old Buddha paintings and where the royals used to stay with perfect view.

Our kind and generous hearted Kunzang brought us to her cousin brother’s Vajra Villa to serve us good “tea”, turning out it’s our dinner (some).

Thank You Kunzang mum, cousin brothers and aunty for the good food! Beyond words for such Ladakhi treatment. :)) If you are looking for a room in Leh, look for Vajra Villa!


And here we are checked-in KangXin Hotel. Pretty spacious room and bathroom. It’s first online connection to my parents and loved ones, I got pretty excited to talk to them and also having to watch tv for the first time. Kunzang showed me different Bollywood reality show and we have seen many different repetition ads.


Coming down to Leh, the city Center from nature Pangong Lake showed a big contrast. But yea, I am embracing both sides, to ensure there is balance in life. Super excited for what’s to come as this is about to end. What’s next is really uncertainty.

Hope for the best and whatever it is, we can handle it. Yours too.


Much love and blessings,