Black Paradise Night

Welcome to a night to express yourself with stories, music, and arts!

For those who are tired of facing screens, who want to connect to people, who want to express themselves in this digital age. This is the right place where we focus on face-to-face interactions, where we replace gadgets with stories, musics and arts. People of all background is welcome to share their stories.

Black Paradise Night has been running since early March where I connect my friends with Big Talk questions, drawing arts, and sharing our dreams. The second time, I invited people of similar interest to be apart, where I get to meet new friends and co-create new experience for the next Black Paradise Night. One special rule, no gadgets.

Here are the link to Facebook: The first night; The Second night; The coming Third night.

Let’s Express Together!

How can I Help?

I would love to create more of such night to you and your loved ones, best work with family members, friends, or new friends. If you are interested to create one, I can host a night or assist you in creating one, these are the recommended donation for 2 hours of Black Paradise Night.


Something Extra For You

For you who supported the mission, you are invited to the Fourth Black Paradise Night in May 2017 where I will be sharing my story in Australia. It will be recorded to be available online as well.

Support now!   

With a small contribution, you will be supporting VicQi’s mission in creating Human Connection series where she collect wisdom from masters in Australia in the coming May. 

Something about this offer:

  • *It is offer from 14th April to 14th May 2017 only.
  • *You can redeem this Experience until 31st December 2017.
  • *This rate is not applicable to corporates (Special corporate package here)

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Thank You for being here with me.