7 Days Guide To Be Happier + Healthier


A guide to take small replacements in daily life from feeling stuck to feeling good.


Do any of these sound familiar?
You feel like you are not in control of your happiness and health. You feel numb about daily chores and always seeking pleasure. You know your body is telling you to take care of yourself. You know what is good for you but never seem to start taking action.
You are looking to transform for a happier and healthier you!
I was not happy about my life with deteriorating health 3 years ago and now I feel and look better than ever!
Hi, my name is Vic Qi. I created the first 7 days out of 21 days recipes to be happier and healthier to solve the problems of feeling stuck into feeling good about ourselves and life.
Having strong urge to look good and feel good, I needed something to spice up my daily life with varieties of happy and healthy options. Over the past 3 years, I have been creating experiments to events to be a happier and healthier version me. I set a theme for each day and documented my stories in White Elephant Journey to inspire people to take baby steps to feel good about themselves.
These are my daily recipes to a happier and healthier journey.

How these 7+7+7 days daily happier and healthier recipes can help you:

1. Feel good with daily baby action steps
2. Start taking control of yourself with a choice of happier and healthier way of living
3. Start taking action towards where you want to be.
4. Exploring ways to be happier and healthier with the wisdom behind.
5. Know how to start taking care of yourself by putting your needs first.


Here’s what you will Receive:

1. First 7 Days Daily Guide To Be Happier and Healthier
  • 3 Reasons Why You Have Not Been Taking Action, Understanding Your Mind & Habits;
  • 3 Promises Guide to Start;
  • 7-day Daily Happier + Healthier Practises for Small Replacements in Life
2. Next 7 Days Daily Guide To Be Happier and Healthier
  • How-to Guide For Digital Break + Me-Time;
  • A Deeper Understanding of the Happier + Healthier Daily Themes;
  • New Set of 7-day Daily Practises for Small Replacements
3. Last 7 Days Daily Guide To Be Happier and Healthier
  • New Set of 7-day Daily Happier + Healthier Practises for Small Replacements;
  • List of Deeper Practises-to-Learn To Be Happier + Healthier In Life
  • 21-Day To Be Happier + Healthier E-Book Upon Completion
These are the Daily Themes For Happier + Healthier Practises: 
  • Green Monday
  • Move It Tuesday
  • Give Wednesday
  • New Thursday
  • Relax Friday
  • Connect Saturday
  • Self Care Sunday
  • You have the option to choose to have a follow-up session after Day 7;
  • There will be offline meet up events in KL, Malaysia in June;
  • You will receive the first e-book of 21 days to be happier and healthier after completion of 21 days! 

First Look At The Preview

of The Happier+Healthier Guide here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1sOsqxlDtkkiaL-zXTnpL9_1-cHPADKTf


With Token of Appreciation:

  • The First 7 Days: RM10
  • The Next 7 Days: RM10
  • The Last 7 Days: RM15


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Thank you and have a good week.


Love & hugs,
Vic Qi