Conscious-unconditional-loving Relationship

[For people seeking for conscious-unconditional-loving relationships]


>>> My story:
My biggest life lesson and great teachers so far are from my ‘romance’ relationships where I am (still) unlearning conditional love patterns to practising unconditional love towards self and loved ones.

One day, I received a video from Ca-Ryn on Sacred Marriage Ceremony of Shay (page: RisingWoman) & Ben (page: Evolving Man) which I have had this vision for some time with the celebration involving: honouring elders, shadow & sacred vows, cacao, elemental blessings, veiling, a gifting ceremony, the group gift exchange, and of course a dance party.

Their story validates the possibility of experiencing it for myself and many others.
—> Video on instagram:

I am beyond grateful for Ben & Shay to share their conscious relationship stories. This shows me new perspectives and possibilities especially on Shadow Vows where we own and acknowledge our shadow side with each other during the ceremony.


“When we shed light on the shadow, the darkness losses its grip.”

>>> From Sheeleana, the bride:

“My Shadow Vows:

> I own that I am going to project my anger at you instead of sharing my feelings or asking for what I need.
> I own that some days I’m going to be hard to be around.
> I own that I’m going to project people who hurt me in the past onto you and demonize you in my mind…

Sacred Vows:

> I vow to see you as a whole person with your own path, to encourage you to follow your heart and honor yourself even if it means I don’t get my way.
> I vow to prioritize my mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being in our partnership.
> I vow to take responsibility for my mind, my emotions, projections, and experiences so you are free to be exactly who you are in our partnership…”

—> Read more from the Source Rising Woman:…/

>>> From Ben, the groom:


> I own that I’m going to expect you to be more like me, instead of embracing our differences.
> I own that I’m going to be stubborn and want to hold on to “my truth” and my perspective instead of letting go.
> I own that I’m going to dominate the space and not leave room for you…”

In the end this work is all about self-acceptance, and the more we accept ourselves, the less we act out unconsciously, and the closer we will be to our partners. If you want true, real closeness, you must expose yourself and be vulnerable. Shine a light on the dark and you’ll find you’ve got more room to breathe, and more room to love.

—> Read more from the Source Evolving Man:


Above all, I wish you to experiencing a conscious relationship where it inspires us to grow and complete ourselves while enjoy the magical adventure with your partner. 

– Mera

13th Jan 2020

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