My Addiction: Chocolate (it’s sugar, precisely)

Who crave for chocolate as much as I do?



Or we should say its the sugar the culprit behind the scene. I have this programming in mind ‘when you are not happy, eat chocolate, it will makes you happier’. So with the intention to feel good plus the emotion, I feel so good eating chocolate.

High 5 if we are on the same page. Well, all is well, when it is in balance. Addiction happens when I am feeling out of balance and eating more-than-I-should (compulsively). What happen after that is that the body does not feel good after consuming it, it feels lethargic and the skin protest such overeating of sugar.

Do you feel the same? Regardless of any food you crave. Then, I found something interesting on reason behind the constant craving,



From ‘Constant Craving’ by Doreen Virtue: 

If you don’t face your emotions, your cravings will remain constant.

If your cravings seem more geared toward high fat foods, you’re most likely feeling some insecurity that you’re trying to fill with fat. Fat stays in the stomach long after other forms of food have been digested and emptied. So, fat cravings often occur in people who feel that their life lacks meaning, who feel empty, or who feel financially or emotionally insecure. – Dr Doreen Virtue


What food cravings may mean: 

  • Bread and butter – You may be feeling trapped and procrastinating about making necessary changes.
  • Crisps – You may be feeling stressed or anxious, wanting to ease worry.
  • Chocolate – You might be craving love.
  • Cheese – You could be feeling exhausted, fearing the worst, or want comfort.
  • Coffee – You may be drained of energy, be feeling burned out, resentful or disappointed with your job.
  • Vanilla ice cream – You may be feeling tense, fearful and wish to be soothed and renewed.
  • Nuts – You could be suffering from tension, too much stress, not enough fun, anxiety and lowered peace of mind.

About Chocoholism

Do you agree that the actual source of the chocolate craving is the desire for more love and excitement in your life?


Chocolate contains the same chemical that the brain creates when we are feeling romantic love. 4 possible reasons for chocolate cravings:

1. Love and emotional attachments: chocolate creates the feeling of being loved, cherished and understood.
2. Hormonal shift throughout menstrual cycle trigger cravings.
3. Excellent temporary antidepressant.
4. Boost energy.

Chocoholism is a cry for love, intimacy, and romance. It is the perfect antidepressant for the lovesick.

  • High fat content soothes feelings of emptiness, insecurities or loneliness.
  • High carbohydrate content triggers production of the brain’s feel-good chemical, serotonin.
  • The texture can be creamy if you need comfort, or crunchy if you are angry over your love life.


The most direct route to reducing cravings is to heal the situation that’s triggering them. Even taking a baby step toward the resolution of a problem at work, in your love life, or in your lifestyle can reduce food cravings. – Dr Doreen Virtue


Some emergency solutions for out-of-control chocolate cravings:
1. Ginger drinks
2. Eat nonfat chocolate
3. Exercise

I deserve love.
I am love, and love shines through me.
I am full of love, through and through.


When you resist, persists.

Before and After: Chocoholism version

I tend not to resist at times, one way of me dealing with it is a slow reduction on daily basis. Still, I kept asking myself, why is this craving telling me?

Until I discover a new perspective from my all time favourite, Matt Kahn.

Here is The New Perspective 

Shifting from the mind imaginative scary pattern to feeling it in the heart:



Matt Kahn’s words of explaining cravings, speaking to the imaginative mind who created cravings as a habit pattern.

“Thank you craving for reminding me that I spend too much time in my imagination and not enough time by my feelings. If we can, at that moment to be with our feelings and ask ourselves the inquiry, “what does it feel like to sit and crave something and not give it what it wants?” I did not spend enough time with cravings. I was feeding the patterns of desperation as a way of hiding emotion desperation which back then I don’t feel safe enough to feel. I spent too much time perceiving from my imagination. When I perceive, that’s from the imagination, that’s the only reason why it is scary.

“Repeat after me, what if the only reason why my feelings are scary is because I am perceiving from my imagination? And my imagination tells me, that I can’t leave my imagination cause those feelings are scary. But that just keeps me in my imagination, not because my imagination is holding me hostage purposely, but because its just a pattern whose only job is to maintain the pattern. So my imagination will tell me, anything other than being my imagination is scary which could only be the play of imagination.




When I overlooked the play of imagination, my imagination plays me, and if i spend more time feeling openly, i will find not so many scary things and instead of craving things I am allergic to, that is just showing me how much time I spend in my imagination, I can be more rooted in my feelings. When I am more rooted in my feelings, I feed myself with the things that nourish my heart instead of making my imagination more aggressive and monstrous. And so I am free.”

“Oh my beautiful mind, my beautiful imaginative mind, I love you so much, I am aware the things you crave that creates allergy in me, and instead i will feed my body that nourishes my heart. Because my action is the spiritual practise apart of the holy divinity union where I use my choices to honour the god in me. It will be no surprise the other people will honour the god in me.”

“I am the light, the light I am.”

–> Excerpt from this video:

Consider This

Shine light to the places we tend to overlook, pay attention to the feelings, is it an imaginary habit pattern? What happen if we just sit and be with it while not giving what it craves?

I am going to sit with the feeling when the cravings come to me next. Looking to share you my experience soon.

*Update the next day: I was sitting patiently in front of subway when I have craving for cookies. I re-read the words of Matt Kahn, sit with it. It works, there are no more cravings. Wow. This, you gotta experience it to find out if it works for you. 🙂


Love & blessings,


15th December 2019



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