A Special ‘Gift’ For Yourself: Becoming Self-Full


December is a season of gifts and celebration, I have been receiving a lot throughout the year, so here are my kind of ‘Gifts’ for you. I hope it will help you moves through uncomfortable transformation period.

Here We Go..

PS: —–> You may listen to the audio version on Soundcloud here: (10 minutes).

Or watch the video below:  

I would love to shed some light on ways to becoming our unique self and reclaiming our power via this series – “Becoming Self-full: somewhere in between selfish and selflessness.”

Especially this year, I have been constantly told that I am a selfish person, which I am happy when I receive such comments because it means I really took care of myself (coming from a place that I was not before).

Therefore, this gift is an invitation for you to give yourself permission to be yourself fully, the permission to communicate your needs, and the permission to go for what your heart desires.


Understanding Selfish, Selfless and Self-Full 

Being told ‘selfish’ multiple times, I tend to put myself into seemingly society rejected way of behaviour. Thankfully, I listened to Oprah Winfrey and Iyanla Vanzant’s conversation on Youtube: ‘Why You Should Put Yourself First’ where Iyanla mentioned, it’s not selfish to put yourself first—it’s self-full. The importance of filling our cup first, then what overflowing its for others. This changed my perspective, when I was being told I am selfish, the mind instantly shift to ‘self-full’.

 Here are my definitions:

Self-ish is where we put me-first, me-only excluding others.

  • Egocentric, power driven;
  • Prevents you from giving yourself;
  • Rooted in insecurity by not having enough thus create separation.

Self-less is where we put other needs before own needs.

  • Giving without personal gain;
  • Tendency to be self sacrificing, self criticism, self depreciating;
  • Tendency to act passively with the need of approval from others.

And, somewhere in between, there is..

Self-Full is an overflowing love from within to give to self and others.

  • Enables you to give yourself with no intention to harm others;
  • A healthy boundary so we have more to give ourselves and overflowing to others;
  • Knowing you are enough which we give permission for others to do the same for themselves.


Back to Becoming Self-Full series..


This Series is Especially Designed For Givers

For those who associate as ‘energetically sensitive people’ and with these energies: healers, light workers, empaths, artists, musicians, teachers, dancers, leaders, facilitators and caretakers.


How will you benefit from these sharing?

  1. My intention is to create a space for us to discover our essence, that we are pure consciousness and everything is energy.
  2. Then, how can we tap into the state of consciousness to express (communicate) our deepest needs and;
  3. You will feel good as it transforms our relationship with ourselves and our loved ones.


What Are The 5 Topics?

We will start by acknowledging our feelings, release the need to be validated by others, set healthier boundaries, speak our deepest need, and resolve the difficult conversations before 2020 arrives.

We have:

  1. ‘Feel Your Feelings’,
  2. ‘Release old Programmings’,
  3. ‘Set Healthy Boundaries’,
  4. ‘Speak Your Truth (Be Assertive)’,
  5. ‘Ways to Resolve Conflict’.


How Can You Start? 

Stay tuned to this blog post, my facebook post, instagram post, I will be sharing the series starting on the 16th December to 20th December 2019. If you would love to receive via email, kindly let me know here: viqipan@gmail.com.

I intend to share this learnings and open to receive any means of exchange in funds, wisdom, healthy food, and more opportunities to share. Special notes will be made for people in need with special charges to appreciate the effort on creating the notes.


Consider This..


Give yourself the permission to fall apart, to rebuild, to create the life you have always wanted by first allowing the change from within. This is an invitation to reclaim your power from something outside of yourself (relationships, career, wealth, children etc) back to your core self – consciousness.

Once we take good care of our needs knowing we deserve and we are worthy, we would create ripple effects on people around us, and thus create a harmonious collective as a whole. We do not need to fix the world or rescue others, just begin to heal ourselves, it will help the collective.

To grow, stay uncomfortable.


Much Love & Blessings,

Meraki Pan

10 December 2019





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