Ascension: The Uncomfortable Process after Unconditional Love Activation

Dear one,


As one might know the Earth’s grid energy is shifting with increasing vibration, as beings on Earth, we adjust our own frequencies according to the planet. One who considered as Light workers may have rise above the collective consciousness in terms of energy (frequencies or vibration), which I am experiencing now.

During the ascending journey, I feel very uncomfortable thus here am I sharing what happens during the process after the activation of unconditional love (ascension) and 5 learnings throughout the journey.

(You may Listen here: Audio on Soundcloud (10 minutes))

I am very honoured to receive constant guidance on light activation and transmission until recently I followed the heart to completely flow in life. After letting go of thoughts, emotions, things, codependency traits that does not serve me, I choose to explore consciousness in ways that I was guided to. I dive deep into an unconditional love relationship, not the typical romance relationship I was familiar with (brought up with), it is so much more than that.

I learned and accepted that “relationship makes you conscious, not happy”. Quote Eckhart Tolle.

This has allowed me to delve in deeper by integrating my divine feminine and divine masculine archetypes, and bringing the mind, heart and soul into oneness. As far as I can remember, although it felt a sense of familiarity, yet it is a very new experience in this physical world. Every moment, now, has given me such newness, aliveness and fresh feelings with the inner knowing affirming me ‘this is it, it is what it is’.

On the other hand, on the contrary, many uncomfortable emotions (perhaps unresolved issues) buried within are brought up to light. I learned that as we ascend, we choose to be, to allow the truth to surface. Before this, I was avoiding and procrastinating ‘this’ as I do not want to face the inner fear. Right after the activation, I am (still) going through a ride where many emotions, feelings, thoughts surface in the mind wanting to be released. There are times where I judge myself, what I learned is to allow self judgment to bring these emotions into the light with compassion.

For example, I would feel very insecure when some needs are not met at certain points, almost fall into an obsession for attention with bombarded thoughts like “I am not enough”, “i am abandoned” etc. Then, this is where I practise to observe thoughts like passing clouds whenever I am aware. At times, I would look for something to distract myself, but the thirst within me is worsen whenever I ignore it.

So, how do I deal with this? There are 5 learnings from this experience.

I learn to observe and shift my state of consciousness.

It is a continuous process of awareness, observation, blessing, letting go and repeat. Until one day, I tap into the Christ consciousness and Guan Yin light state, these compulsive thoughts have ceased from entering the bliss state. I learned how to alter my state by being in silence, connecting my higher self and higher realms. There is only bliss and pure joy. Well, one thing to note though, as life is impermanence, change is the only constant, my state of consciousness are different every time. I love what Sri Ramana Maharshi said, “silence is the eternal speech and it is the speech that interrupts that language.” I am making time for silence more often now.

I learn to keep forgiving myself and lead my inner child.

“Forgive yourself whenever you feel not enough”, is what I did every time these thoughts passes by. I welcome it, let it come and let it go, without much interpretation to turn it into a story or identify with it. Ho’oponopono the ancient Hawaiian practice of forgiveness which helps me every time when the thoughts appear, I would say to my inner child “I am sorry, please forgive me, I love you and I thank you” whenever I feel not enough. Letting her know I am here with her now, together, we bless the past memories as a mean of awakening to who we are now.

I learn to release the limiting beliefs.

These attributes from within are also called shadows, it is meant to be acknowledged and released as these attributes do not sync with the higher vibration. Do note that these releasing can only be done by ourselves, could use the help of some healers to bring them into your awareness, but we are the one who take the responsibility to maintain that. I would recommend any releasing method such as EFT (emotional freedom techniques) tapping on 9 points of the body to release the accumulated stress. And I was introduced to Lindwall Releasing method where I was guided to release the limiting memories from the past, many beliefs were brought into my awareness and to be released, yet most importantly is to maintain the daily releasing work.

I learn to dig into my core wounds of unworthiness.

I love the metaphor where it is as if we are taking care of the garden (subconscious mind), instead of dealing with one plant (repressed or unresolved issue) at a time, we find out the root cause (core wounds) for healing. We could ask for help from the subconscious mind, tap into deep inner knowing from within, ask to bring us into the core wounds – insecurities, fear of abandonment, unworthiness etc. I found my core wound would linger around the unworthiness and this is where I put my focus on healing. Energy flows where attention goes.

I learn to treat myself better with change of environment and habit of eating.

One good way to ease this process is to allow the mind, body and soul to be aligned in single line, giving the right substances (food, media consumption, environment) also helps. Let the heart brings all into alignment. I have removed myself from the familiar clutter and noise, I follow my body to only eat when I am hungry, with constant silence moments, I found myself needed less sleep with higher energy level. Such energy allows me to spread joy to people around me.

This whole journey is said to be a reconfiguring state into a format of singular alignment. The inner healing work you are working on yourself benefits the collective as the whole. Healing is a process, may you honour parts of you which needed healing and may you ask for help when needed. May you build a life that is a reflection of love.

I am looking to share about co-commitment relationship next. =)

Heal yourself first,


2nd December 2019

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