My Blessings in Life

I would love to make time to express my gratitude to these angels in life!

You made me who I am today. Credit to myself too.

Photo on 21-11-2019 at 8.29 AM

Here we go: 

Thank you dear Wei Chee for being my greatest teacher this far, I love you for who you are and even we might not able to experience life physically together now, those moments we shared of 10 years since we meet each other are cherished and treasured in a special place of the heart. I would also love to extend the love to Wei Chee’s family and friends for giving me many beautiful protected years, everyone of you are always a family member of mine, especially Wei Chee’s mum (you are forever my mum). I am sorry, please forgive me, I thank you and I love you. May all of you be happy.



Thank you dear parents for trusting the divine timing while supporting what i desired this far! Mum and dad, both of you are such beautiful angels to me, doing your best to give me the best. I love both of you to the moon and sun. Why not the stars too? Thank you for your understanding of all the odd random things I have done. May you two be blessed.



Thank you my brothers, Gin and Joon for such unconditional acceptance and support in who your sister are and what your sister do. “As long as you are happy” seems like our mantra in the family. Though the fighting days are gone (which I missed), I am truly blessed with your care, both of you. As  proud sister, may both of you feel loved always.



Thank you soul sister Zhi Ee for being with me through all the hot and cold in life. We have walked through different stages of career, relationships, and friendships in short 5 years! You have always been there to love me when I most needed, your kindness and generosity towards me never seems to ends. I love you for who you are and may we keep each other in good company, dear sister. 



Thank you dear soul sister fairy godmother Ca-Ryn for loving me and co-creating so much memories with me, I am so honoured to have a Reconnect Recharge partner like you! You are definitely an angel to many hearts, such unconditional love to all, such funny laughters and moves. We have been witness each other growth for 2 years now, you have brought me so much miracles that I knew only you can give me. May we be at peace and may we be Unicorn always! Go Cavic!

november 2019


Thank you dear soul family Shaun for giving me such energy integration I never experience before! I am counting all my blessings encountering you. Truly appreciate your love and respect towards all plus your never ending sense of humour. I see you, I hear you, and I acknowledge you. The moments we shared are the most intrigued story that I have ever written in the book called Life. May you stay grounded and laugh out loud always! Cheers to Ca-Ryn, Meir, Fiona, Antares and Anoora for sharing the life changing moments too!



Thank you dear Antares, the friendliest friend for all! The first time I saw your picture on Facebook has hooked me to visit you in Kuala Kubu Bahru, you are that powerful. I appreciate your sharing, caring, loving heart to every being. You are the sweetest yet playful soul I have encountered. I love you and your deep hugs and warm smile too! May you be blessed. =) 



Thank you dear Sean for the feminine wisdom and practical experience, I truly enjoy dancing with you, mostly the sensual time. I see you in sharing and loving us unconditionally, especially towards your beautiful children. Your smiling and laughing vibe is very contagious with such powerful heart vibes! May you and your loved ones enjoy every moment of life! Special cheers to Murali too! ❤



Thank you sisters- Dianne, Martha, Alia, Susie, Zcussi, Kayo, Shelly, Teressa, Kathy, Sharlene, Pia and all sisters from ‘Decide to Dance Daily Sisters’ and ‘Sing Yourself Free’ groups for all your beautiful co-creation to express yourself! Your participation, comments, loves and likes have been building a supporting blocks for my inner strength wall. Everyone of you are so unique yet we are so connected in many ways. I love you sister, may we feel supported and shine more!



Thank you dear Ace for giving me tickets to Murfest so that I could be apart of so many profound experience! Thank you Shobie and Nitesh plus the whole crew for making such holistic experience for the collective! Thank you all facilitators who pour your hearts into whatever you are serving and sharing, especially to the workshop I attended: Shervin, Dr. Sujata Singhi, Sean Ching Chiang, Levi Banner, Alsu, Sujata Nandy, Marie-Pierre, and Hengameh. ❤ ❤ ❤ May all beings be liberated.


Thank you dear Sujata for the beautiful Entering into Labyrinth experience, one in Murfest and one more in Ohanajo Studio’s Healing Inner Child. Such walk in the labyrinth has rewired the brain and DNA! I have replace my old habits thankfully, definitely keeping the awareness. So much heartfelt appreciation to you dear one. Samastha lokah sukhino bhavantu. May all beings be happy.



Thank you Jules Ong and Azrina for giving me your precious 3 hours time with Lindwall Releasing method, I am super thankful for Yeshe for the introduction! Appreciate both of your love and effort in releasing my pain from childhood even back to past lives. I love how we keep sharing in whatsapp group with group of friends, I feel loved. Both of you are definitely more than Earth Angels, may you and your family be blessed. 



I am super thankful to my source of light in Youtube who came to me: Steve Novel on light transmission and Matt Kahn on All For Love. I feel so much lighter, thanks to them to send light codes to the collective. I love you, I honour you and may you receive abundant light too. ❤


Forever grateful to the animal kingdom, plant kingdom, minerals kingdom, insects kingdom, celestial realms, ancestors, elders, soul family and tribe, light beings, dear spirit teams of ascended masters, spirit guides and angels. ❤ Sending infinite love to Mother Gaia and Father Sky!


Cheers to the coming beings whom we will cross path. 


Vic Qi Meraki

21st November 2019

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