The Lost of Wonderland


I would love to give birth to a magical heartfelt experience, if you were reading this, most probably, this is for you. Wonderland is a space where the impossible becomes possible, where miracles happen, where the only limitation is our imagination. A space created to connect our hearts and express ourselves through our inner voice and body movements.

Why is this created? To shift our focus from the mind (ego) to the heart, transforming duality to oneness and stays there longer (even integration of both), till we practise more often of connecting the wisdom from the heart-brain. This is the practical experience of ‘follow your heart’.

As wonder permits, we explore the unknown parts of us and other parts of the world freely. Moving out of the conditioning from the society, we dive into the sacred space within the hearts of ours, connect to Mother Gaia, Father Sky, animals’ and plants’ kingdom. Listening to our intuition and wisdom connecting our ancestors. Where we give ourselves permission to be free, to be ourselves fully.

I am inviting you to be a co-creator for this experience, either as the participants, co-host of live music, or the space provider. It will be a night full of music, movement, and stories. Looking forward to connect with you. =)


=> Read more about Meraki flow.

I am a cosmic dancer & storyteller. An Artist. A Performer. A Facilitator.

Focusing on

    • Awakening of the cosmic Heart & Express from it;
    • Raising Feel Good Vibration
    • Expanding Consciousness.

Thank you for your participation. =)



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