The First Step To Share & Regenerate

Dear all,

Welcome to this space. I have been creating different kind of experiments involving people with meaningful interactions. These recent months, it is a bit different than self and human connection. It is the third layer of connection involving community, planet and economy.

-> The Share & Regenerate project

“We won’t grow and learn, doing what we’ve always done, and thinking what we’ve always thought. We need to move beyond our comfort zones. We need to engage with new and different if we want to expand ourselves.”
― Akiroq Brost

Thus, here comes the first idea, to create a sharing community, the first strategy is to find who have been doing so and gather them. Action taken: by creating a Meetup group on share and regenerate, by hosting first sharing circle, by co-hosting first mini fest focusing on sharing and regenerating. It all happened in 3 months since May.

Hereby sharing the ripple effect of such actions:

  1. What Happen After The Meetup Group: Hosted first Sharing Circle on Meetup with 20 people show up, we met our first coach, Murphy to collaborate on 1 event, we met our first venue sponsor for mini fest, Eric, we met our friend (John) on mental health circle, we met our friend, Joe who are hosting events for change-makers.
  2. After the first sharing circle also known as Gift Circle, we hosted a sharing circle on Mental Health the next month with 20 people turn up. (Where we met our dear volunteers and participants (Rishi, Jason, Fareez) for the mini fest and a few dear friends on shadow work study.)
  3. After the First Mini Fest, we started with 3 co-hosts, gratefully had 10 volunteers who share their efforts, 22 speakers and facilitators who shared their stories and energy, 6 guests with the speakers, 6 paid participants who shared funds, and 11 friends and partners who came to help and support. A mini gathering of 58 people from 10am to 10pm with panel discussion to music & art storytelling to skill-share in social and ecology matters to women’s and men’s circle, this is the beginning.

Rome was not built in a day.

In 2 months, from hosting events to meeting partners, we started with a close knit group about 100 people in Kuala Lumpur.  We are happy to start with this as the foundation for this ‘marathon’ project.

What is our vision?

To see every neighbourhood has their own shared space (commune) where they can gather to share stories, resources, and food in a regenerative way. 

2 Main Challenges: 

  1. Mindset- We might have been trained to share toys or food when we were young, but as we grow, we were taught to be wary of each other. Why share when we can afford our own entertainment or play room in our house?
  2. Access to Funds- Talking about shared ownership, creating a pool of investments to create a share hub would need a certain level of trust within a community.

Which leads to the connection of human being. Which also co-related to inner connection as..

..everyone we meet is our mirror.

The outer situation reflect on our inner situation. Along this journey, when we are connected with self, we know that whatever happens, whoever comes forth, we can handle it.

With this, I lead you back to this question, before any other,

-> How connected are you to yourself?


And an ending with quotes:

“The best way to predict the future is to invent it”, computer scientist Alan Kay famously said in 1971.

“You never change something by fighting the existing reality, to change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” Fuller said.


Note: I will be blogging about the Sharing Circles and Sha.Re Mini Fest in detailed next. Here are some of the captured moments.

Sharing Circles Gallery:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Share & Regenerate Mini Fest Gallery:

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Bonus: 3 Main Lessons

  1. Find out the response by making it happen.
  2. Focus on what works and strengthen it.
  3. Even it doesn’t came out as expected, be grateful for the lessons.

What’s next?

  • Creating awareness in Singapore
  • Creating Skillshare lessons online
  • Creating Pop-up Share Hub in TTDI


May you find strength in what you do. =)






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