#12HoursReconnect for Love & Connection

Dear centres, studios, farms and cafes,

We want to work with you and we are coming to you with #12hoursReconnect!

+Reconnect is a sharing network for change-makers on alternative (not-so-mainstream) options. We connect people to co-create shared resources and hubs in the community. Reconnect Pop-Up is here to amplify the love and connection within your community for 12 hours!

How can we amplify the love and connection we already have?

We are an open source network to balance social capital, environment capital and financial capital within us and the community.

We want to exchange what-we-know and what-you-know with the Greens and health-related Centres! With the aim to co-create education experiential sessions and online resources so we could share and earn together. These case studies, resources and tools will be shared online for change-makers to apply in another part of the world.

Our dream is to have regenerative hubs as share hubs within the community, to meet, learn and share offline about mindfulness, healthier alternatives, and regenerative approaches.


What we are offering for #12HoursReconnect:

Focusing on social, economy, and ecology:

  1. We facilitate people engagement sessions which brings people closer to each other: gift circle, gratitude circle, eye contact, deep talk, sound listening, power of touch, nature connection. (2.5 hours)
  2. We share experiential education on authentic connection, mindfulness, sharing community, circular economy, and plant based food. (1.5 hour)
  3. We can cook plant based food (buddha bowl, coconut milk chia seed pudding) and prepare recharge tea (ginger, lemon, herbs, blue pea flower, roselle tea).
  4. We can lead simple Qigong+Yoga stretches in the morning and body movement to relieve stress in the evening. (1 hour)

12 hours of #authenticconnection #healthy #plantbasedfood #mindful #sharing #day

Proposed Itinerary as below:

  • 8am-9am simple Qigong + Yoga stretches
  • 9am-10am Breakkie – Lemon, Ginger water, Chia seed pudding, fruits
  • 10am-11am experiential education authentic connection & sharing community- co living (social)
  • 11am-12:00pm People engagement session
  • 12:00pm-1:30pm Lunch- Mindful Buddha bowl & experiential education on Plant based food
  • 1:30pm-2:30pm experiential education sharing platforms & Shared funds investments (economy) ex:steemit, grab
  • 2:30pm-3:30pm Economy sharing+Practical session
  • 3:30pm-4pm recharge tea session, fruits
  • 4pm-5pm experiential education circular economy (ecology)– edible garden, urban green, permaculture, renewable, food, waste
  • 5pm-6pm Ecology Sharing+Practical session
  • 6pm-7pm Mindful Walk + body movement 
  • 7pm-8pm Vege BBQ, bonFire, Music

In this phase, we are also looking for advisors for board of council, financial partners, media partners, community partners, venue partners, change-makers, green centres owners, supporting members, active members, core team members and friends to plant and water the ‘seeds’.

Let’s cultivate a mindful community who take care of our own wellbeing (mind, body, spirit), open to sharing, and co-owned a common space to feel closer and practise regenerative solutions for our home – Mother Earth.




With tight long hugs,

Vic Qi

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