Reconnect: Sharing Network for Changemakers

I have a dream.

Picture this.

When our neighbours gather in the Saturday evening, in this huge common space, sitting comfortably in a circle, enjoying the freshly cooked meal, sharing babies’ stories and new ways to co-create a comfortable environment to stay.

We, the mechanics, the office workers, the bankers, the carpenters, the salesperson, the teachers, mummies, daddies, even grandparents, co-owned this common space where we share meals, a garden for flowers and vegetables, a notice boards with food recipes or help notice, and a storeroom for common use tools.

Our activities are filled through the week like exercise day, eat together day, sharing day, gift day and gardening day.

We are a member of our cooperatives, a community-owned network, where neighbours work together to co-create such common space to bring people closer, to share laughter, and learn new topics like composting and renewable energy to save money.

Every Sunday morning, we host a Food Festival with our homegrown food and fruits to raise funds for the cooperatives. The funds could be use to support our neighbourhood new initiatives, entrepreneurs, or to restore something.

We feel great to be self-reliance on our own food system as a supplier of food production to ourselves and nearby markets. As we learn about the food we eat, ways to minimise waste, compost our leftovers and how renewable energy as alternatives to improve the quality of life, we see so much potential to slowly transition into a regenerative community.

In near future, we could see what’s already coming in Europe and America, more Co-operatives and Community Benefit Societies where we could share cars, and start to have community investments and shares focusing on community benefits.

The vision is to cultivate a mindful community who take care of our own wellbeing (mind, body, spirit), open to sharing, and co-owned a common space to feel closer and practise regenerative solutions for our home – Mother Earth.

About +Reconnect Network

+Reconnect is a sharing network for change-makers. We connect people to co-create shared resources and regenerative hubs in the community.

How can we amplify the love and connection we already have?

Today, there are many alternatives for us to live healthier, get closer to each other, and do something to minimise waste. Too many options and assumptions could be distracted at times. So we decided to test it out, we want to experience ourselves on ways to amplify love and connection between people and Mother Earth.

We aim to co-create an open source network to balance social capital, environment capital and financial capital within the community .

From Co-Living space, urban edible gardens in the city to Permaculture farms, Eco-villages in the suburban, we would love to explore the current ways they are applying. Then, we invite these change-makers (cities and greens centres) to co-create shared resources to empower people to take one more step further.

We could host educational experience, festivals to be collected as case studies. Moving forward, we would love to co-create a Regenerative Hub within the community as a co-owned shared common space. This is where people hang out to meet, share, and learn practices. A supportive network for change-makers to promote own wellbeing, society’s wellbeing and Mother Earth wellbeing.

Reconnect Asia Tour 2019

– Phase 1 & 2

First stop, we are starting from Malaysia to Thailand with Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, India, Japan, and Philippines in the line.

We will be exploring and exchanging wisdom with the Green Centres and change-makers in the cities. Then, we would co-create education experiential sessions and online resources. The case studies, resources and tools will be shared online. Looking forward to create regenerative hubs, which could be a pop-up, to meet, learn and share offline about regenerative approaches.

In this phase, we are looking for advisors for board of council, financial partners, media partners, community partners, change-makers, green centres owners, supporting members, active members, core team members and friends to plant and water the ‘seeds’.

In year 2050, we are anticipating to enjoy the lush forest of these ‘seeds’ with generations to come, 30 years later. We hope this will paint the picture of limitless possibilities with the power of co-creation.

May we take action to make our dreams come true. =)


Dancing under the stars, 

Vic Qi


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