Youth Climate Action Conference – MYDxLCOY

Youth Climate Action Conference – MYDxLCOY


One fine weekend, I had the opportunity to participate a Local Conference of Youth (LCOY) – Youth Climate Action Conference hosted by Malaysian Youth Delegation #MYD and Power Shift Malaysia. It was held on Saturday to Sunday (10th – 11 Nov), at Oasis Village with about 50 youths from all over Malaysia.

I went with an intention to find out what I can do for climate action, a baby step before creating eco-villages around Asia. When I read the purpose of the conference “is to act as a capacity building platform for the youths to share our experience, skills, insights and environmental solutions, coupled with practical workshops and presentations”, this was how I spend my weekend!



Plus, I am interested to find out the principle of Talanoa Dialogue which is used to stimulate dialogue to provide structured and action-oriented input. We used Talanoa dialogue to share stories, build empathy and to make wise decisions for the collective good.


The Fijian word ‘Talanoa’ refers to an inclusive process of dialogue where all participants, regardless of power or influence, are peers. The Talanoa Dialogue provides a new framework in which parties but also non-state actors can contribute to accelerate climate action.


Line up of interesting informational speakers like Mazlina from WWF Malaysia, Shaqib, Lhavanyah, and Syaqil from Malaysian Youth Delegation (MYD), Siva Prakesh from Tengah Island Conservation, Zan Azlee from, Shazni Bai from KUASA, Francis Tan from Tzu Chi Foundation Malaysia, Heng Kiah Chun from Greenpeace, Lastrina from Singapore Youth Climate Action.





These are the Highlights From the 2-Day Session:


  1. We started with interesting “Vale Lailai” Agreement where Vale Lailai means toilet in Fijian word. Question: There is an apartment which stays 2 groups of people – Annexe 1 and non-Annexe. For the first time the one and only toilet in the apartment breakdown, (divide into group of Annexe 1 & non-annexe) what will you do to save the toilet?46064030_1915068502122163_7084410042056704000_o
  2. For Talanoa dialogue, I chose the topic of “Sustainable Cities” out of “Green Economic”, “Food Security”, “Renewable Energy”, “Biodiversity”, as it is most related to Eco-villages, just that this is in the city. We uses Talanoa dialogue structure guided by Emily and Mike from MYD (where are we now, where do we want to go, how do we go there) then ended with a group presentation.  46468137_1917520848543595_5143726475198857216_o
  3. IMG_1119One of the most pro-founding presentation is from Mr. Francis Tan from Tzu Chi Foundation Malaysia about co-exist with Mother Earth where he uses real life demonstration with our plastic usage. He shared with his magic trick, we used 6 plastics for our takeaway breakfast including straw, plastic bags, plastic Tupperware etc. He showed us this powerful video of Midway Bird: 46380379_1917522231876790_209995334946914304_o
  4. Artivist network – Artivism with Eline and Angus as founding members. An autonomous nomadic EarthCitizens group who set up community hubs and Artspaces as creative resistence to defend nature. These community+Artspace are known as Jungle Houses across three continents and multiple United Nations convergences and conferences. I enjoyed the Money Making Workshop and sticker printing! It is very liberating and inspiring to know they are playing such a role to spread awareness about environment. Eline has been printing recycled T-Shirts. 

    They are hosting a pop-up Jungle House in Jakarta from 7th – 16th December, welcome to be apart! Check Out Jakarta Jungle House for more information:!IMG_1088

  5. Playing Reef Stakes game, an educational role playing game as stakeholder in determining the future of coral reef ecosystem and understanding the challenges faces today. It was an informative session where my partner and I chose a “Fisherman” card where we have to protect our marine, there are other parties like developer and businessman who are more into building assets. 


And, I love that our lunch during Youth Climate Action Conference – MYDxLCOY was vegetarian food prepared by The Picha Project The Picha Project is a Impact Driven Enterprise that empowers marginalized groups in Malaysia through a sustainable food delivery and catering business.


In the end, we did reached a goal to build empathy, trust, and cooperation. I felt a strong need to play my part for climate change starting with zero usage of plastics and minimise food waste. Thank you MYD team (Emily, Thomas, Mike, Aaliyah, Joe, Syaqib, and a few more)  for the effort, it feels good to know there is a group of passionate youth working for a better world!



Together, we can do so much more!


Vic Qi

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