3 Ways To Sleep Better

Is sleeping an issue to you? 

I love sleeping, I love the idea having time to rest, just laying down and entering into my dreamland with limitless possibilities. But, with working arrangements and something that bothers me I would find it hard to sleep. I would glue my eyes to the screens, juicing out any idea I could to solve the problems.

Then, I have an issue with sleeping. I went on researching what causes my bad relationship with sleeping. Beside some necessary stress, I believe it has something to do with the screen time and food or drink we had.

When trying to sleep is as hard as trying to wake up in the morning.


Why do find it hard to sleep?

  1. Screen time
  2. Stressing about future
  3. Overeat & Caffeine drinks before bed



(1) Screen Time: Do you face screens the hour before bed? Whether it’s watching TV, surfing the internet, playing video games or texting. I do. Watching entertaining video or TV keep me up much longer. It is said that people who text before bed were less likely to get a good night’s sleep, more likely to wake up tired as sleepy, and more likely to drive drowsily.

Okay, it sounds relatable here.


It is hard to sleep when your heart is at war with your mind. – R.h.Sin.



(2) Stressing about future: Well this is linked to the screen time I had before bed. Because there are many problems to solve, I felt overwhelm, so I ‘numb’ my feelings by watching screens’ entertainment, this put my mind on ‘off’ mode from overthinking.  Then, when my eyes are tired, I would turn the screen off to sleep. This way, I tend to bring some of my worries to my dreamland. Waking up with the same worries plus tiredness of the eyes.


Coffee cup - cup of coffee

(3) Overeat & Drink Caffeine beverages: Yes, I find myself hard to sleep if I eat a LOT for dinner. Bloated with gas and feeling uncomfortable with it. I don’t drink coffee or caffeine beverages much, but this could be a factor.

“Caffeine reaches a peak level in your blood within 30 to 60 minutes. It has a half-life of 3 to 5 hours. The half-life is the time it takes for your body to eliminate half of the drug. The remaining caffeine can stay in your body for a long time.” – Sleep Education.

How to sleep easily?

There are many solutions suggested but let’s focus on the 3 points above.


(1) Screen Time: What I could do is to not touch my phone or watch TV an hour before I sleep. This is my top wish, I tell you. Being able to put my phone out of the room is my dream. If not, maybe try a more passive approach, listening to music than playing games which is less engaging. Let’s invite our loved ones to do it too, as this will replace our habit faster if we do it together.

One tips, get a proper alarm clock. 



(2) Stressing about future: Well, taking time off the screen for ourselves before bed could help us to stay grounded. It works for me when I wrote my worries or rather ‘to-do-list’ down before I sleep, it is a temporary offloading worries which we could not control and allow our mind to rest. Counting blessings also helps too, feeling good for what we have.

One tips, surrender to what is happening, knowing you have done your best and let go of controlling the outcome. All is well. =) 


Screen Shot 2018-10-11 at 4.23.53 PM

(3) Overeat & Drink Caffeine beverages: Haha- simply do not overeat. But, I still do it at times when I am ‘stress’ about future. Linking to number 2, I was not in the present moment. Well, I wouldn’t comment much on this as I support the word ‘do what you feel like’. For drinks, drinking caffeine free tea helps me, like Holistic Gaharu tea (Agarwood tea) which support deep sleep, reduce insomnia with the natural calming effect that reduces symptoms of stress from the aroma produced from the tea.

One tips, if you are feeling anxious, a cup of coffee is the last thing you need and may result in you becoming more anxious. Consider a healthy, relaxing alternative instead.

It’s time to redirect our focus to our body and mind. Listen to what it needs and honour that. If our body needed time to rest, give permission to yourself to rest. If our body needs a break from the screen, take a break, maybe go within. =)

May you do your best to sleep well tonight.


Vic Qi



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