Day 16 in Leh

We officially ended the Ladakh retreat and expedition today with our last yoga practice with Jason and Melody this morning.

IMG_5967 (1)

Jason shared how to develop self practise at home for about an hour plus then we went off to decide what’s next. A huge appreciation for Jason to always give 1001% to share his experience and knowledge, and to Melody who always their to help is correct our posture and giving tips for QiGong exercises.

Leo, Angela, Cindy, Chloe and I went out for lunch at The Blue Lotus of Leh central. They tried out different food of green curry chicken, masala chicken and some appetisers. Green curry is nice but it’s more sour compared to what we usually have.


We walked around the market for a couple of hours and I got myself two Tibetan modern language book with a strong determination to learn and master Tibetan. I do feel like I am apart of Tibetan. A strange familiarity, longing to go home.

When we returned to KangXing hotel, which is 15 minutes walk to the Leh Market. I am thankful for Melody’s sharing about Yoni eggs. It’s also an interest of mine to explore more about feminity with Tantra.

And guess what, we (exclude Leo, include Melody) went for a walk to the market again, we were looking at different shops for Kurta, Pashmina and some cute souvenirs. A couple of hours later we had a late dinner at Gesmo German Bakery, I ordered a Veggie burger as I have not had burger for a long time. Many cookies are available too!

IMG_6035 (1)


A good meal with fellow familia, a good time shopping with girls and ended with a good laugh with the rest of us here. Miho went back to Japan, Grit went to hiking, Gurmet went back to his house and Jason + Melody are leaving us tomorrow morning.

So, I will be spending good time with 5 more wonderful people (4 Malaysians) in the coming days before my turn to fly. I’m grateful to have companions at the same time preparing for unknown soon.

All is well 🙂 Super grateful to daddy who help me bought flight ticket to Delhi today!


Goodnight all, l love you!


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