Day 14 in Leh

It’s day 14! Our second last day of the retreat and expedition organised by Vira Life Academy.

Awaken from the tent, we had a Lovely sunrise in Pangong Lake.


Today would be the coldest yoga session ever, thankfully Jason started with sun salutation to warm the body. As we were yoga-ing, the sun is slowly rising up, honouring the sun light as we were doing sun salutations.


I love how we interact as a group, given the free time to spend time in nature, we had a wonderful memories together, joking, laughing and just staying side by side. This will never happen again.



We say goodbye to Norboo and Galaxy Camp, down down here we go to Leh. It is more than four hours journey in the car with astounding views of mountains.


We stopped at Tsoltak’s Amchi Restaurant to have our lunch and took a ‘duckling’ boat ride. Yummy lunch pack:



A group of cyclists stopped by to camp:


Then we stop by Shey Monestry at Choglamsar for a short visit. Full of history with old Buddha paintings and where the royals used to stay with perfect view.

Our kind and generous hearted Kunzang brought us to her cousin brother’s Vajra Villa to serve us good “tea”, turning out it’s our dinner (some).

Thank You Kunzang mum, cousin brothers and aunty for the good food! Beyond words for such Ladakhi treatment. :)) If you are looking for a room in Leh, look for Vajra Villa!


And here we are checked-in KangXin Hotel. Pretty spacious room and bathroom. It’s first online connection to my parents and loved ones, I got pretty excited to talk to them and also having to watch tv for the first time. Kunzang showed me different Bollywood reality show and we have seen many different repetition ads.


Coming down to Leh, the city Center from nature Pangong Lake showed a big contrast. But yea, I am embracing both sides, to ensure there is balance in life. Super excited for what’s to come as this is about to end. What’s next is really uncertainty.

Hope for the best and whatever it is, we can handle it. Yours too.


Much love and blessings,

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