Day 13 in Pangong Lake

Pretty much towards the end of this retreat, we all could felt it but it is a very happy day for us as we spend the day at Pangong Lake! A free and easy day.

We took an hour journey from the hotel by our beloved Norboo. He got us snacks for the journey, very kind of him. Thank You Norboo!


Behold the Beauty of Pangong lake:

Pangong Tso, Tibetan for “high grassland lake”, also referred to as Pangong Lake, is an endorheic lake in the Himalayas situated at a height of about 4,350 m. It is 134 km long and extends from India to China. – Wikipedia


So we arrived Pangong about noon time and check in to Galaxy Camp, right in front of the lake with build in toilet. Just look at the blue lake and sky, that’s enough.

Pangong lake is famous after Three Idiots movie came out about 6 years ago. Many camps and tents are available to stay while you could still bring your own tent to sleep, just take note of the different sizes of rocks on the ground. The lake is so huge where India only owns 30% of it, the rest falls into China.

We are just 40 km away from the border to China.

Grateful to have free time during afternoon so we took a good dip in the lake. It’s my first time dipping in ice cold lake water in cold weather, it’s about 15 degree in the afternoon. I felt my frozen legs after a few seconds and went straight in to swim a bit before coming out.

IMG_9647IMG_9683 (1)IMG_9669

Super refreshing and rejuvenating as it’s of salt water plus glacier water. Happy to have them to do this together! :))

Then we have a girls’ makeup session with our Japanese teacher Miho. She teaches us the steps, starting from Kunzang, Angela, Chloe and I. Fun session with girls focusing on grooming and pampering ourselves. Thank You Miho!

Angela and I went for a good walk further away by the lake side. Observing how the sun rays changed the lake colours from light blue to deep blue. Observing how bikers stopped by to pee and take photos. Observing how busses of children passes by and say hi to us. Observing other foreigners like us took a long walk and smile to us. Observing beautiful build stupas and building one for ourselves. We shared our stories while embracing the strong chilly wind.


Thank You Angela for the lovely walk. 🙂

And then I went back to the tent to read “The Journey Across Tibet”. I read how this lady persists in her vision no matter what happens to her. Very inspiring I must say, I felt her pain and joy. Cindy and Grit and Angela joined us later in the tent for a chat and half way through I felt asleep. Good to take a nap. Drooling.

About 7:30pm, it’s dinner time. All gathered at the dining space for a yummy food. It feels good to have everyone in a long dining table. For now, I really appreciate every time we have together. Had a good chat with the lovelies on makeup.

Finally agenda we have Jason for an hour or philosophy lesson about the science of mind on concentration and meditation. It is a blessing to received such information and learnings from Jason. It works for me so far. But most importantly is to practise and walk the talk.


Be a practitioner.

And the day ended with a good night chat with Kunzang. This might be the last night we are sharing a space. Really good to have her around! Much love to you Kunzang!

That’s for today, sleeping at 11:35pm.

I love you!



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