Day 9 In Panggong

Hello friends, I am updating today’s story at 10:16pm local time. It’s a visiting monasteries and travelling day to Panggong.

We sat in a van and spend most of the day in the van with a skilful Ladakhi driver. Really appreciate his skills who brought us safe through the mountains. If you see the pictures you will know what I mean.

Nature view of magnetic creation:


In the morning, we are grateful to have Melody to share us QiGong exercises for the digestion, kidney and spine. I really enjoy these movements as it helps in opening my heart to face the reality. It really does.


After a happy breakfast and photos taken for Grandpa and grandma we headed to two monasteries.

IMG_5232 (1)

As below. There are build as though as monasteries in Lhasa, Tibet.

Amazing Cindy got a book “The Journey to Tibet” in Hemis Monastery and it is at a reasonable price! I have been looking for a Tibetan story but thanks to Cindy, I got to read it here! A beginning of an unknown less path traveled journey. Courage is all we need. ❤

Thank you Cindy for the deep conversations we had. Enjoyed every moment of it!

After a few hours we got up to highest peak I have ever reached so far- Changla Pass of 5360 m. Definitely felt the effects in breathing and racing heart. And we did something really incredible there, we could find a toilet so… it’s yours to further elaborate. 😉

And it snows !


I love the scenery of such mass and huge mountains and valleys , plus the beautiful animals here, yaks and horses. I am in awed with nature and our source of creation! *awww*

Photo Credit: Stanzin Gurmet

We have to pass through certain checkpoints for the army, inspection of our passports, as it is near to the border with China. Our dear Melody, Chinese, was not allowed to go in. This, she is staying at Mahatbodhi Meditation Centre for 3 days retreat. I miss our QiGong teacher now.

It’s a long boat rocking ride with the rocky roads but interesting signs like “Life is short, don’t make it shorter”, “Treat my curves softly”. With such humour and happy signs to keep reminding the drivers to slow down and drive safe. Such an enjoyable journey, with beautiful people, scenery and music.

Lunch time!


We stopped at Gurmet’s in-law resthoise for Lunch ! They served with warm yummy vege pepper soup and a plate of tasty food! Check it out. When you have not been taking food for sometime, everything is heaven. Of course the food is great with really astonishing view. They are so kind to bring two of their horses for us to ride. Appreciate all your effort dear friends.


Then it took about an hour to reach Hotel Panggong and guesthouse! Luckily Gurmet brought three oxygen can and it helps some of us who have a hard time in breathing. The room is spacious and we got time to freshen up. Just that the hot water is only available in the morning. But I really enjoy the rest and super grateful to have Jason to lead us a Yin Yoga class before we sleep.


Now , I’m ready for sleep. I was late for morning QiGong class today as phone battery went off with the coldness in the tent. Got to get good sleep tonight and enjoy every moment.

I love you all !


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