Day 8 in Ladakh Riverside

It was a beautiful morning right when I am out from the tent I am sleeping. The day is bright at 5:30am.


We started with yoga for 3 hours and it was an emotional one for me at the end. A sort of release. Then we had a homemade breakfast with apricot jam. Today’s yoga lesson we focused on our alignments and poses with chakras which will helped us open up which area we wanted to open up.


Today’s highlight:
1. Apricot picking with grandma
2. Grandpa & Grandma’s Momo
3. Grandpa stories

I will share today’s stories a bit differently as we were really excited to be with Gurmet’s grandpa and grandma and his their fruits garden. In between our classes when we saw grandma and Grandpa preparing meals, we would help them cut their vegetables or wash the plates.



And I tried an experience is to bath in the pool of theirs just with a sport bra and panties. Imagine cold water and wind and it’s open space with flowers as the border. Grit swam in the pool and she said the water isn’t cold but for Malaysian like me, it’s freezing cold.

Apricot picking with grandma
In the afternoon grandma needed help in picking apricots to dry out to make jams. We helped her collecting the apricots from the trees and even those who fell off from the trees. Then we open the apricots, separates the seeds and the flesh and let it dry under the sun.

IMG_5177IMG_5182 (1)

It was an unforgettable experience how we worked together with grandma on their rooftop. Grandma shared stories about the river which is very near to their place. There was a giant demon resides nearby which eats human alive and so a deity came to kill the demon and trapped at the river where the part it has many rocks which creates many mini waterfalls. When the sound of the river turns vigorously, it brings bad news like the flood of 2010, when it is pleasant, it brings good news.


Grandpa & Grandma’s Momo

Then after Jin’s sharing about the Flow, a thesis he researched for a year which is inspiring to learn, we saw Grandpa cutting vegetables for tonight’s dinner – Momo. We helped him out with the carrots and cabbages. It is a traditional Ladakhi dishes with vege fillings which looks like “Bao” & 饺子. Super yummy with soup and a special chill mixed with onion.


They prepared the chill and squash with rocks. And it tasted really good.


Special thanks to Melody who shared us 30 minutes of Qi Gong practise this evening!


Grandpa stories

After dinner we had Grandpa to share his life stories and experience as a senior Ladakhi of 60 years old. He shared us his years as nomad with sheeps and yaks, then how his brother and him shared a wife , which was a culture generations back. This marriage system does not apply nowadays, Kunzang translated. He has been devoted his life to spiritual and Ricpoche of Tibetan Buddha after an 11 month’s Buddhist retreat in Nepal when he was 30 years old. He would perform a prayer for 15 days around the village and to the glacier from 4am to 6pm, walk 3 steps, bow, walk 3 steps, bow on the floor and repeat.

Now we get to understand more about Ladakhi and people here, beyond grateful for all the wonderful opportunities for Our hosts. Slowly our emotions also transcend as we open up to purify ourselves.

Here’s the 8th day. May you be happy!


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