Day 12 in Panggong

I think yoga + being with beautiful souls + staying in Ladakh have been opening my heart and subsequent chakras. As I am really present in every moment with all the activities planned and people around. So much laughter and hugs.


Thank you Vira Life Academy (Facebook) who brought all of us here!

Today is really something as we traveled an hour to reach Satto Village to serve the villages along with two AMCHIs. And, in the afternoon, we get to interact with nomads’ kids in School of Kargam, 82 of them. Then ended the night with good companions. 🙂

Community Service at Satto Village

The beautiful scenery towards the villagers.


It was a bumpy journey but our ride was fun with driver Nobu plus riders Cindy and Kunzang. Kunzang is always doing what she can to share us more about Ladakh culture and stories. We passed by her village, just super grateful to have her side by side most of the time. Thank You love 💖.

Norboo is our hotel’s heir who has been driving us around these three days, he has been very helpful to share us stories and whatever he could. Our Dear Cindy has also been a wonderful companion along this journey, very authentic and a good listener.

I found many good listeners here ! This is a rare skill I must say but I can say most of us here are all good listeners who knows how to hold space for each other. Grateful.


Back to the Satto Village, when we arrived we were served with tea and biscuits, then we divided into two teams- senior AMCHI and junior AMCHI. I am at the senior AMCHI team where I am responsible to write “Morning”,”afternoon”,”evening” in Tibetan. After a night of practise Cindy and I are pretty good at it. AMCHI said for kids it needed three months to do so. Proud VicQi.


AMCHI would diagnose the villagers one by one and he would let us know how many spoons to pack and when to consume. Then we each have roles to play, packing, labelling and distributing. I am pretty happy with my role.

I am blessed with healthy body as I witnessed the villagers conditions. I learned to be really content with what I have now. And super touched with AMCHIs spirit to help without expectations, this has been passed on generation by generation. Junior AMCHI said this journey is not a road towards wealth but a guaranteed fulfilment in helping others. That’s what keeps him going.


Interacting with Nomads Children


IMG_5512 (1)IMG_5513 (1)In the afternoon we went to a residential school named Kargam school. It is specifically for nomadic children where they stay and receive education while their parents are out to take care of sheeps and yaks.

Also served with biscuits and tea, we introduced ourselves like how the press conference is done. Super cool! It was previously a mobile school but now taken care by the government where government would send teachers to teach here for about two years before relocation.


We have 82 students with us about two hours. They had 2 mothers and 2 people who cook for all of them. All of their parents would need to contribute 40k Rupees per month to cover their living cost in total meanwhile government is supporting their food cost with 50rupees Per children for a day.

After listening to these figures, our Leo showed up to donate an amount to cover their cost. This condition is very different from the children of Mahatbodhi Center, where basic needs are yet to be covered.

The school is in need of volunteers to stay longer with them to help with young kids or to teach children in English. They had their first two volunteers covered with accommodation and a kitchen for them to cook. If you are looking to volunteer in Ladakh, I highly suggest to give a helping hand to the children here.

Oh yeah, so we did separate interaction with junior and senior children. For junior we played chasing games as for senior we taught 9 different languages of greetings. Jin and Jason showed yoga and martial arts movements. While the rest spilt into smaller groups to interact. They are obedient and eager to learn. When we ask where do they want to travel, they mentioned Canada as they have Canadians who came here during winter to play ice hockey.

So I do think for any children, it is best to expose them with more possibilities for growth. They loved it when we used drone to shoot, a new technology and countless possibilities after learning about it.

Night time Conversations

I had a great laughed these days, pretty much thanks to all around me and I believed my heart chakra is open somehow. Super blessed with all given opportunities to learn and laugh.

I do miss my family, loved ones, and friends. I am thankful for all who gave The opportunity and space for me to grow. Every second you all are deep inside my heart, I wish to share you more. By first taking good care of myself so I could take good care of you.



Much love,

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