Day 11 in Panggong

Good morning people, I start typing in the morning. I’m actually waiting in line to get my pulse check by the AMCHI, Gurmet’s father in law.

Start of the day

We start the day with 1.5 hours of yoga as AMCHI Punchok is here to diagnose us this morning. Yahoo, so he is going to me mixture of herbs medicine for stomach gas and constipation issue! 🙂 Thank you Kunzang for translation!


After Breakfast

We have 2 hours yoga lesson on Bhavadgita.

Love the statement from Sadhguru:


After Lunch
We went off to AMCHI Punchok house as yesterday to make our own medicine and prepare medicine for tomorrow’s community service at a village.

I must say I really enjoyed my time with these people like my family members, we work for a shared goal, to serve. We had so much fun interacting with AMCHI and family members even with language barrier but smile is our common language.

Everyone give what they can to help out and support each other. AMCHI also prepare my medicine for me to grind, while others help out to filter it.

I love the part where we get to learn Tibetan by writing “morning”, “afternoon”, “dinner”. Preparing for the community service tomorrow, Cindy and I learned and practised four sentences as a label for the medicines tomorrow.
And Ladakhis always served their guests well with their butter tea, chai tea, mint tea or fresh milk, plus lots of biscuits, apricots and apples. Thank You AMCHI Punchok and family. We also have junior AMCHI to share us his journey of becoming AMCHI after his father.


We also witnessed some of the villagers who came to see AMCHI at the end. Proud to say we contributed in packaging their medicine plus writing it down in Tibetan.

I’m proud of myself.

Before Dinner
I have a good deep conversation with Angela, appreciate all the love and encouragement dear one. Always in my heart.

And super grateful for Tani who helped us out in washing clothes with the washing machine. He needs to carry two buckets of water to the machine as the pipe is not connected. They have been really helpful here. =)

After Dinner
We were mingled in the dining hall. Some prepared the small paper spoon and paper packets or the medicine while Cindy and I have Kunzang as teacher for our four words of Tibetan. Everyone was chatting and having a great time together, such feelings, I will never forget.


Before sleep, we were hugging each other for a good night sleep. Now that you don’t see it often as this is more like a group effort and I have always like huggies everyone. I will have a good dream. 🙂

I miss everyone out there for sure (as we do not have internet connection). I wanted you all to know that I do love you very much.

Tight Hugs,
VicQi 💖

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