Day 10 in Pangong

It’s sleeping time and yep I’m typing on my phone before sleep about today’s journey.

In summary, we had a dynamic yoga sequence for 3 hours in the morning with cold weather; then Yoga Sutras lesson; a wonderful afternoon in AMCHI house grinding herbs; scenic evening walk with the girls to Tangste Monastery; a yummy yin yoga ended the day.


Morning Cold Yoga
The weather is exceptionally cold this morning with the rain falling. We were practising indoor but we could still feel the breeze wind from outside and there is no heater in most of the places here.

Jason led us with dynamic yoga sequence and as we are slightly higher than where we were, it is harder to breath. Another kind of experience.
Yoga Sutras of Patanjani Lesson

Jason shared us so much about science of yoga sutras. I wish to share you about it.

Patajalani is the first person of 2500 years ago to put yoga into writing, he is the Sanskrit grammar and master of Ayurveda and yoga.

“Everything you see us a manifestation of the mind.”

We talked about truthfulness, detachment and commitment. Mostly everything’s about How to Live in the Now. Acceptance of reality with free will to act.

Grinding Herbs in AMCHI House

We then drive to Beloved Gurmet’s father in law- the AMCHI house to learn more about the herbs while helping out to grind.


IMG_5294 (1)
AMCHI is the 6th generation and he is passing down to his son as 7th generation. Kunzang kindly translated AMCHI words and we were well served by the family with fruits, fresh milk, butter tea, biscuits and raisins.


We went up to the room of herbs where it has many selections of herbs collected just our traditional Chinese medicine. Super kind and generous hearted the whole family treated us so well. Chloe had a stomach ache back then and AMCHI gave her medicine of mixed herbs to serve.

The AMCHI would serve the villages for free and the patients would give wither money of their choice or goods to thank the AMCHI. As for AMCHI clinic, there will be bill charges as per the medicine. He shared his challenges are to remember mantras while he is learning and also finding the meridians of some patients.

Super grateful for the experience and being able to feel so welcome by the family, that requires genuine group effort.

Evening Scenic Walk


Four of us took a walk after we came back from AMCHI house. There are shop lots near our hotel and till the end there is a Tangste Monastery where Kunzang would come here to pay respect whenever she is back to her village, 10 minutes from here. Kunzang led us to the Monastery and on the way the view of Rocky Mountain with streams of water, green grasses, horses and cows. These are so magical especially the sun is setting.

If you are interested in coming to Ladakh next year around May till September, my dear friend Kunzang is getting ready to lead you. Just let me know! 🙂 Her Instagram page of beautiful photos of Ladakh:


Sweet Night Yin Yoga

The night ended with an hour of really chill yin yoga. Along with holistic music and pillows, we hold postures for sometime and just the best thing to do before sleep.

One tip. You may put your legs on the wall, back laying in your bed before sleep, it helps calm the mind and have better sleep.

Try it now!


Have a good day love 💕


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