Day 7 in Nemo Village

Today we checked out of Mahatbodhi Center and the whole day we were connected with nature and good conversations.

And it is the day I found out there will be no internet connection for the coming 7 days. Oh well. So from today onwards, I type it out on google notes and publish when I have connection.

No yoga, no classes but meditation and good homecook food at Gurmet’s grandpa house.


1. Sunrise in Himalayas Mountain

2. Riverside Sunset with deep conversations

3. Sky Full of Stars Night

Today started an hour earlier at 5am, which we need to wake up at 4plus. Sleeping pretty late these days but still it’s worth it for a sunrise with the Mahatbodhi founder, Sanghasena and his young nuns.

Sunrise At Himalayas Mountain

I believe it is an extraordinary experience where we hike early morning , meditate with eyes open and listening to the nuns singing.

Being on top of the mountain creates a big picture, a bird eye view on our thoughts. While we were asked to meditate for 20 minutes with eyes opening towards the mountains, no thoughts were allowed, just be.

It was quite hard to maintain focus at times especially I only tried meditation with eyes open the second time. But looking far to the glaciers, I clear my thoughts and just observed plus stay with my breath.

I have always wanted to do so, with the Tibetan flags, wind blows, nuns chanting, what a dream comes true. But I asked myself, so what, you got it, what do you want?

The mind seems wanted to keep doing more and more but with self awareness, I get to bring the thoughts back to the present moment, just enjoy the breeze, the prana.

Then we checked out and move for an hour journey to Nemo village, Gurmet ‘s Grandpa home, on the way we say great view of mountains and rivers.

When we arrived, we were welcome by Grandpa and grandma, they were preparing food for us and some of us had a good “Big Talk” conversations while others were resting.

Meanwhile Grandpa set up an archery experience for us to play with. Miho shoots right at the Center.

And we set up our tent in the fruits heaven of Apricots!

Sunset by The Riverside

Until the evening we walked to the riverside – Indus River, I realised how vigorous the water is, this is so suitable for rafting. We spent a great time sitting on the stone, be there with the river and sunset and people around us.

I was chatting with Leo, without much thinking effort, I choose to interact with an open heart and we had a heart to heart conversation, as for people who just met for 8 days, I believe it is a good foundation of trust level there.

Appreciate all open sharings plus the negative ions from the river, breathing the good asprana since morning baby. I am so full of energy.

A Sky Full of Stars

I really love stars and being at the countryside of darker sky we are able to view the stars. Thanks to Angela who pointed out Scorpio signs and the Milky Way, The Sky is really full of stars.

It’s quite common to see the Venus and mars here. And I saw meteors too during a night chat of universe with dear Angela. Angela mentioned some of the stars might not even exist now, we were looking at the past.

Amazing creation of the universe eh! I love everything about the universe, which is me and you.

So we are sleeping under a tent tonight, I’m typing inside my tent with Kunzang sleeping next to me. Super grateful to feel warm and cozy here, under a blanket.

Thank You for reading and may you enjoy nature ! Go out get some fresh air. 🙂



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