Ladakh Day 6

Happy day six! It’s more like a full of opportunities day because today it gave me an chance to breakthrough my limiting thoughts.

The above stories will be shared after the trip, let’s see how it goes. I trust the journey, everything will be fine.

So, Today’s highlight:

1. Yoga teaching on Bandhas and Ayurveda

2. QiGong movement with Melody

3. 2 Hours with Ladakhi Teens

4. Meeting with AMCHI (Tibetan doctor)


Yoga Teaching

Today we had our usual yoga routine at 6am and a lesson class at 10am.

Jason shared us about Bandhas aka locks, meaning contraction of certain muscles while unlocking energetic and mental levels.

It’s amazing to see how contraction of certain muscles can create so many benefits. We have mulabandha, uddiyana Bandha, Jalandhara Bandha and Maha Bandha, google out for more if you are interested!

About Ayurveda, ayuhu meaning longevity and veda meaning branch of knowledge. It is said to be the most ancient medicinal system in the world.

I have been wanting to learn Ayurveda in India and here you go, I got to learn an introduction from Jason today. Thank you universe for this. Ayurveda emphasise on the food we eat, it impacts us physically , energetically and mentally.

Compared to modern medicine, it is more of a preventive medicine with no side effects.

You may check out your body type, doshas (vatta, pitta and kapha) here: Then you will find out more how food type influences you and lifestyle as well.

QiGong With Melody

Melody shared us few QiGong movements for the stomach, spine and kidneys.

Simple movements to do in the morning. Rubbing the stomach to twist the waist to hand shaking and side moving.

Maybe it is better to shared more after taking picture of the movements. Anyway QiGong definitely felt gentler than Taichi and yoga. Thank You Melody, who is also a yoga teacher. Super grateful for her to align our yoga postures every morning.

2 Hours with Ladakhi Teens

In Mahatbodhi Center, there are girls hostel and boys hostel, we gathered about 50 teenagers from 13-17 years old and interested with them this evening.

I teamed up with two fellow Malaysians – Leo and Chloe with intention to share about social media, marketing, business and Malaysia culture. Other teams shared about German, Europe culture, Japanese origami, and related to the states too.

The girls and boys were teamed up to four groups and we rotated each group to interact. At first, we find it hard to talk as everyone is chatting , but we managed to get to know with their age group and what they want to become. Most of the boys would say to be an army as Kunzang mentioned maybe because it is a secured job here.

Then when we realised we couldn’t have proper conversations we turned to play, sing and dance. They sang their Ladakhi song and in the end we would dance in a circle. At the end, Jin also share his Akedo skills which many boys said they wanted to learn in Japan too.

What an inspiration for them. As most of them are first generation learners and without proper guidance from the family, Vira Life Academy which is the organiser of this Ladakh Retreat expedition, close the gap so these teenagers receive long term support for their career.

Bravo to Jin & Gurmet!

Meeting with AMCHI

After dinner, our beloved hosts arranged a short meeting with what they called an AMCHI here, a 15 years Tibetan medicine doctor specialise in Himalayas areas. His name is Dr. Tashi Stobgais, who has an AMCHI family, studied medicine for 6 years in Dharamsala.

It is similar to Ayurveda, but specialise in plants found in Himalayas, where these AMCHI will select the best weather to hike up the mountains of 11,000 ft to collect medicine and prepare it. It would be from 5 to 100 mixture of plants to form a medicine for certain cure. Mostly in powder for and paste.

Before they pluck the plants, they would sing mantras.

Dr. Tashi shared us that each village will have 2-3 AMCHIs where they do not charge the villagers, in return they would come to AMCHI family’s farm to help out or give them something in return. Interesting eh! It is said that this medicine can help a cancer patient to Prolong their life.

Grit, a friend of us asked if there are any medicine for long life. Dr. Tashi said yes, go to Tibetan clinic and ask for Long life pills. He mentioned Tibetan took medicine on full moon. Another curiosity struck my head as I am super interested in Tibetan culture.

If you are interested to know more about Himalayas plants, Dr Tashi has a book- about the plants in Tibetan and English. Let me know if you plan to get one 🙂

That’s for Saturday, we will check out from Mahatbodhi Center tomorrow. Have a good rest everybody. Thank You for your time in reading, may we do our best to make use of our time fully!

Sending light,


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