Ladakh Day 5

It’s day 5 of physical and mental strengthening.

Reaching about 36% of the retreat, we 12 of us get to know so much more about each other. The night before Kunzang and I were sharing our wedding dress and custom, our bed time stories ended about 12am.

Super grateful to have her in the same room. =) Thank you Kunzang!

Today’s Highlights:

1. One on one session with Jason

2. Tea Tasting by Jin

3. Silent Sunset + Mantra on the rocky hill (thanks Gurmet)

After lunch, I had a chance to talk to Jason, our yoga teacher who taught us yoga philosophy and postures. He focuses more on breathing and pranayama.

In the early morning we will practise yoga, after breakfast we will have philosophy class. Today we learned about Mantra and Sun salutations. What a mind+heart blowing lessons.

He showed how to use a neti pot:

Yoga Philosophy Lessons

One important lesson I learned from Jason’s yoga philosophy class today: OM is the most important mantra, it clears spiritual blocks and reaffirm intentions. Thus we start and end every Session with 3 times OM.

In yoga / Ayurveda, life span is counted by number of breathes. He emphasised a lot on taking deeper breaths.

“A breath of love takes you into infinity.”

Wish to share more in specific topics about these!

We learned about mantras and got a chance to sing a few, listed down names of mantras at the sunset session below.

And so We were told to appreciate and grab the chance to talk to him one-on-one as he has 20 years of experience in yoga teaching. Note that yoga does not only involve physical activity but it is an art of living. So, I booked a time to talk personally with Jason.

One on one session with Jason

It has been a long time I have not felt this way while sharing my personal journey and issues. I have not been expressing my concern to people for a long time. Today, I shared it with Jason. Not a long conversation but it was on point.

What he says went straight into my heart, like “you know where you are going, you know what you need to do, just be honest to yourself.” I was holding my tears until the end, I just let it out. Because his presence does feel like home, home is where the heart is. I was talking about my inner child might have been hurt in the past, he said our inner child is perfectly as they are, it is the believe you have on yourself.

It is the thoughts the mind created causes sufferings. He recommended a book “Loving what is” by Byron Kellie, you may check that out too.

Okay dear Vic Qi, you are going to be fine, “When you serve, the universe conspires to help you”, Jason says. Thank you Jason!

A picture of us at the hike nearby:

Tea Tasting by Jin

Our lovely host, Jin brought many kind of tea here for everyone to taste. Check out the photos below. =)

Everyone is happy 🙂

Silent Sunset + Mantra on the rocky hill (Thanks Gurmet!)

After Taichi class, we took a short hike to a rocky hill nearby, when we reach higher, we could see the whole center, villages nearby separated by Indus river, and the glacier mountain where people could hike.

The most beautiful moment for all of us is the time where we went into silent mode to mesmerise the beauty of sunset and ended by singing mantras.

Recommend to listen to Gayatri Mantra, Jyotir Mantra, Shiva Shambho. Singers: Deva Premal, Tina Malia, Krisna Das.

I appreciate all beings in life and what is happening. Ever grateful to take a break from the routine, it allows me to experience reality, maybe still a fraction of reality but getting out of the mind thinking, I am happy to experience life.

“Seek and you will find.”

Wishing you a happy weekend!


Vic Qi

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