Day 4 in Ladakh

It’s Day 4 already!

This morning yoga class focuses on sun salutations and some core strengthening. My arms are pretty sore but I know it’s in good shape.

So our routine for this coming 2 weeks will be yoga in the morning and Taichi in the evening. In between, we have yoga philosophy class and maybe visiting places or community in Ladakh.

Today’s Highlights:

1. The Rain and Flash flood overnight

2. Visiting old age homes

3. Beautiful Myanmar inspired Stuppa

4. Discussion for Tomorrow’s Activities with the Children

The Rain and Flash flood overnight

It was raining heavily overnight, started with a thunder lightning about 9pm. Before we sleep, Kunzang shared me about the locals concerned about raining and cloud burst after 2010 flash flood incident which caused 1000 lives.

Before 2010, there were no rain, now, there is this thing called cloud burst. How cloud burst is created? Because of Monsoon season in India, the clouds containing water passed by the Himalayas, when there is a lot of heat in the land of Ladakh, the pressure attracted the water of the clouds and it pours down like a bucket of full tank water.

That’s what happened in 2010, flash food happen just in 30 minutes with the cloud burst.

The next day while we were walking in the morning, the whole road and plants were covered by the mud, Gurmet told us about the flood, but not a serious case. Now I know, sometimes raining can be a blessing and concern at the same time.

Visiting Mahatbodhi Old Age Center

This center were build after Sanghasena, the founder of Mahadbodhi International Meditation Centre (MIMC) after witnessing how hard is an abandoned old age people living alone especially in the winter.

We visited the centre in the morning where we have about 10 elderly sitting in their garden. And they welcomed us with the sweetest smile and greeting of “Julleh” (means Hi, Thank you, goodbye in Ladakh). We introduced ourselves, show some of the martial arts, yoga posses and sing to them, in return, they shared their stories and one grandma of 82 years old sing for us too.

Lucky to have it recorded and looking forward to share in the form of video. It is our Japanese friend – Miho’s birthday, the hosts surprised her with cakes and we celebrated with the old folks. I can feel how happy and grateful they are. We prayed together by saying “Om mani padme hum”, I was imagining their life cycle from young till now, and I am touched by how well they are taken care of at the last moment of their life.

I think of my grandpa, how he has done his best throughout his life. Tears come out of my eyes. It makes me reflect on my life too.

Beautiful Myanmar Inspired Stuppa

We visited a beautiful stuppa with Myammar style, an outstanding one as in Ladakh, there were more Tibetan buildings. Look at these. We had fun taking pictures in front of it with different yoga posses.

Discussion for Tomorrow’s Activities with the Children

In Mahadbodhi centre, there are many centres cater for different people, and we have a chance to interact with the children who stayed at the hostels.

12 of us gathered to discuss what we will share with the children after Taichi session. I love how people of different background come together to serve the local community. Tons of ideas and structures but we made it finally.

I just enjoy the process of manifesting.

Looking forward to a good sleep! =)


Vic Qi

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