Day 3 in Ladakh

Yahoo, it’s day 3 of the Ladakh Retreat!

3 Hours Yoga in the Morning

Awaken at 5:15am to get ready for yoga session at the meditation hall. We started at 6am to almost 9am.

Jason led us to start by warming up. What I treasure is having him to correct the poses as I did mostly home practise with Youtube video thus I do not have guidance if my poses are correct or not.

It is always grateful to start with silence, OM chanting then our intention and gratitude. We had sun salutations with chanting while doing it. That’s something new for me.

Working a lot on the spine and joints which I truly believe we will have a stronger mind and body by the end of the retreat. Yay!

3-Day Sambohdi Retreat

After a Yummy Breakfast, we are off to Sambohdi Retreat meditation hall which they hosted 3 days retreat from June to September. We have Ms Kunzang who shared us interesting stories about the retreat with people from all over the world.

Yoga Philosophy From Jason

Jason shared us yoga teachings as an art of living, with his 20 years of practice, he taught, yoga is a union between me and the universe. It is not just physical stretching and poses but body is a vehicle towards purification of mind and body.

Everything is energy, he says.

Yoga helps in Getting the mind into calmness because the mind can be described as a drunk monkey stung by scorpion which most of us are slaves to the mind. The non stop chatter in the head creates unnecessary distractions , so first we need to understand the mind.

Mind is a great tool but terrible master.

I love this, “the only way out of suffering is going in.” We, the divine being is here to experience human life. Yoga philosophy and practise helps to move from existence to essence.

I could share more in another post focusing on yoga teachings. Its 12 more days of learnings to go!

TaiChi Lessons With Jin

Jin shared us fundamentals and origins of Taichi after lunch. My perception of Taichi is seeing Many elderly playing Taichi in the Park but do not really understand what it is besides knowing it’s a form of martial arts.

Taichi – 太极, encompasses all yin and yang principles. 天人合一,a combination of people and nature. Jin mentioned it includes 1. Martial Arts 2. Traditional Chinese Medicine 3. Philosophy (Daoist).

I love to listen to the lineage stories where one generation passes to the next and how one make changes to cater for people like elderly. There is four versions of Taichi and some are simplified modification for elderly.

We practiced basic 13 postures and go through a flow. It was a windy evening but going through flow and the postures made me sweat. Good thing eh.

It really fascinates me where how martial arts and its philosophy could transform lives of many. And with its myth whereby the original creator created these postures and flows after witnessing two animals fight, maybe a snake and a rat, seeing how they move from left to right, it inspired his creation and here’s the legendary Taichi.

A passive form of defence mechanism which are commonly practise for health nowadays.

Mesmerising Sunset View

We spent an evening watching the sun goes down at the peak of Mahatbodhi Center. The healing garden were covered by beautiful blossom flowers and check out the colourful stones.

Staring at the sunset connect our essence with Mother Nature. Such a blissful moment.

Beautiful Healing Garden where they have their walking meditation here.

Meetup with Sanghasena

We were so honoured to meet the founder of Mahatbodhi Center – Sanghasena who turned a huge land of barren into centres to homes for girls, boys, elderly, retreat centres and eco village with greenhouse plantations.

All the above started at 1991 where he turned into a monk after joining Indian army. He dedication has helped and saved many lives especially through education. He would travel to remote villagers and select the most deserving children to have educational at his Center.

We got to meet him and he shared his stories with us about 1 and a half hours. He greeted and asked our whereabouts, he managed to give fullest presence and even communicate with everyone of us. I love his energy, just feel good to be around him, he has a good sense of humour.

Thank you Gurmet for arranging this wonderful meeting!

I know I will be a different person after this, and I am a messenger for peace and love.

May you be happy and compassionate. Wish you well love.



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