Day 2 in Ladakh

A Long Night

Due to high altitude, my heart is racing fast, even when I’m asleep I could hear my beating heart. Thump thump thump. It was an awaken asleep awaken journey. Finally I got myself up at 6am.

Yoga in The Morning

We started our very first yoga session this morning 7:30am with Jason. It started with silence then moving in to warm up with poses that work on joints and spine.

In an hour and a half, we were in a state of relaxation connecting our body mind and soul. It’s very refreshing way of starting the day.

We had our breakfast prepared by the family. With a cup of tea, it’s a perfect mix plus the apricot jam. Then we get ready for to pack our stuff.

Say Goodbye to Nyanjen family:

Visiting Phyang Monastery

Gurmet brought us to the Phyang Monastery and we attended a prayer with the monks. The monastery was build in 1600 by a Tibetan monk invited you Ladakh King back then.

Entering a beautiful space with Tibetan paintings illustrating Buddha’s life story. And the view of the mountain is absolutely breathtaking.

Check-in Mahatbodhi Center

About 35 minutes away, we arrived Mahatbodhi Center and I am lucky to share a room with a Ladakhi lady. The vegetarian lunch was absolutely yummy.

Meeting Kunzang

Our Room:

Kunzang is my roommate. She is a Ladakhi who studies in Delhi. She loves hiking, reading, document herbs on Himalayas and watch animation.

We were chatting about Ladakh, Malaysia and Korea. She mentioned many youngsters are into Korean entertainment like movies and celebrities. And how her sister love to watch YouTube videos about Asian food, she wanted to try durian.

Many youngsters would leave Ladakh to study college. When there is a study break they would return home – Ladakh.

Taichi With Jin

Jin is one of our host for the Ladakh Retreat, we have a common friend and that’s how I know about this retreat. Jin has been practising and he teaches Taichi.

We had first Taichi this evening, learned the basic stances and flowing with his guidance. Pretty much using a lot strength from the lower body.

I love how Jin flows with Taichi and how everyone is eager to learn more.

Sharing Session At Night

This is one of my favourite part where we gather and share our feelings and learnings. So much to learn from everyone here. Presence is what I appreciate, from myself to everybody here.

The best gift we can give is presence.

That’s for the second day in Leh, first day for the retreat! 🙂

As we are suggested by Jason, I am limiting the usage of phones so I might not be able to update immediately. And it resonates with my journey in documenting silence.

I hope you do your best to give more time and attention to yourself too.

Sending love,


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