Why India? (Pre post)

My dear loved ones would ask, “why India?”

“It’s dangerous for female, it’s dirty and not hygienic, why must you go India?”

I have not been to India, but my heart has been calling it for years. Starting from Sri Lanka to Nepal to India. I am very interested to experience India despite hearing many news from others.

It’s a place of extremes, holy and pure on the other side, noisy and bumpy. All down to our perceptions and beliefs about what India is. For me, it is just the way it is and I embrace all sides of it.

From a comfortable home with lots of love pamper by my family, partner and friends, I know I got to take 100% responsibility for life to challenge myself, for growth and transformation. I believe India has the power to do that.

I choose to trust whatever is happening and going to happen is all for the highest good. And despite the lack of funds on hand, I still choose to take this leap of faith, that everything is alright.

I would receive comments that I’m selfish and so forth, I want to introduce you a word called “self full”, you make sure your needs are taken care of , filling up the cups, the rest of the water is for others. Again, depends on your perception on the definition of selfish.

We were taught to take care of others needs first, and our own needs may not matter some times thus many couldn’t speak up for themselves. And sadly we would think we do not deserve it. Hey, everyone has its own needs and it’s down to yourself to choose if you want to prioritise yours or others first.

There is a balance to everything, it’s not an extreme version of “self full” where you totally act like a King to always be the number one. I’m speaking at a low self esteem point of view, where people always sacrifices for others. An irony about this is, not everything is about you. Everything is not about you.

Loving yourself, putting yourself first is showing how others could make themselves as priority. For me, loving myself is as though as loving others. I am also putting others as myself , because we are one. The tree is the same as me, the bird , my grandpa, my dogs, all are equal.

Because love is the answer to everything.

Back to India, I choose India because I want to shift my perspective of life, moving from comfortable to uncomfortable, to grow and then invite others to do so. A step towards healthy wellbeing lifestyle.

The above are my personal perspective, for career wise, I am working on a Finding Silence project to be documented into an E-book. ๐Ÿ™‚ I want to find out what will happen if people starting to embrace silence in daily life, plus exploring mountains and natural health remedies.

And, I’m leaving tomorrow to India. Continuing do what I can to serve. If you want to receive a weekly content from me, just let me know!

I hereby inviting you to take a moment to close your eyes, take 3 deep breathes.

Close your eyes.

Breath in,

Breath Out.

Breath in,

Breath Out.

Breath in,

Breath Out.

Open your eyes.

Smile ๐Ÿ™‚

As simple as 123 isn’t?

May you feel good now.

Love & Hugs,


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