7-Day Guide to Be Happier + Healthier

Is this you?

Are you either feeling numb, bored, or just tired of routine work? Constantly seeking for pleasure and excitement? You know what’s good for you but you just didn’t do it.

Well, all we want is just to be happy and healthy. Why it seems to be so far from reach sometimes?

The happy news is..

I have gathered my practises of my inward journey into a 7-day starter guide to make small replacements in daily life from feeling stuck to feeling good. All you need is just giving yourself 21 minutes 1 day and grab a journal plus pen. Wala, you are ready!


Starting With Three Simple Tips To Feel Good

Tips 1: Investing 21 minutes out of 1440 minutes a day

Set timer for 21 minutes a day to be away from distractions – digital, people to connect to yourself by doing nothing, relaxing or napping.

Tips 2: Investing A Journal and Pen

Write your grateful and feel-good thoughts in a journal, one after you are awake and one before you sleep.

Tips 3: Try New Things

Replace the distractions and unhealthy habits to healthier practises. Try new practises daily to experience better health.

Follow White Elephant Journey on Facebook! As I am fundraising for this journey to document love, connection and well-being practises from Malaysia to India to Nepal to Tibet. My intention is to create a happier + healthier ways of living to the community – You so to receive funds in return to explore and create more. Notice the cycle of what comes around, goes around?



To Ensure You Take Further Action

If you are serious about making baby step changes to be happier and healthier, I welcome you to sign up for the First 7-day Happier + Healthier Guide as trial.

With token of appreciation of RM10, you will receive:

  • 3 reasons on why it is so hard for us to be happier + healthier – understanding mind and habit;
  • 3 promises a guide to start feeling good and
  • the perk of all is you will be receive daily suggestions of healthier practises from me for 7 days.

I would also love to do a day 8 follow-up session with you on your experience with this guide. All we want is to take step-by-step action to feel better each day, what do you say? Then, if you are feeling good about the First 7 days, we will move on to The Next 7 days and the Last 7 days, a total of 21 days to be happier + healthier as you wish.

Kindly Register here To Begin The First 7 Days Guide:https://goo.gl/forms/MvY0AoqiiulecEq72

Kindly Make Payment to Receive A Welcome Pack here:

*Note: Please notify VicQi after payment at viqipan@gmail.com.


How Can I Give to Support The Upcoming Exploration and how can you be apart? 


Lovely friends, I am creating different ways to give and receive, if you deem any is suitable for you or others, please keep me in mind, it will helps in raising funds for this White Elephant Journey.

  • I am creating workshop, events, pop-up store related to becoming happier and healthier.
  • I am also selling my hand drawn White Elephant reminders and selling healthy products like coconut oil from myLoveEarth.com which I will receive small commission.
  • If you love my content and creation, you can support a small monthly contribution at Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/whiteelephantjourney.
  • If you want to help more, you could also support a cause I am fundraising to the Orang Asli (aboriginals) children here: https://www.simplygiving.com/suka-charity-climb-to-mount-kinabalu.

Anything I could help with to raise funds, please do not hesitate to share me, I am open for opportunities! I would love to be apart of making a happier+healthier me and you!

Have a good week!

Love & hugs, 







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