The Wild Woman

*This is a Short post extracted from Authentic Wild Woman post*

How would you describe a wild woman? 


An uncontrollable mad woman is the extreme side, we are looking at the one who is free, untamed and comfortable at one skin. The one who would dance freely inside the flowers field without shoes with beautiful dress and just don’t care how people would look at her but all she matters is how she look at herself. I believed we all have this wild side within, maybe some has deeply bury this side of them, maybe some just needed a little push and pull. 

The wild woman is the essence of every woman’s soul. She is a force of nature, deeply connected with Mother Earth, as she is with her own body. she understands her emotions, embraces her sexuality and her power as a creatress without shame or apology. When we begin to awaken her, she will tear through all the barriers we have to reclaiming our true self, and will set us free. – Hannah Lo

I am a wild woman, I do things out of the norm, I stay true to myself by honouring my needs first. But, I have to be honest, I do have doubts, I do find it hard to speak up at times, I long for more passion and I know something so deep is calling me. Sometimes, I put on a good girl mask for the sake of my family and my loved ones, sometimes I put on a mask of a follower where I follow the social rules, sometimes I put on a mask of a crybaby to the people around me as I get triggered easily by my loved ones. We would wear different mask on different settings facing different kind of people. And sometimes I wonder, who am I, truly. 


“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” ~ Rumi

A Wild Woman Encounter Workshop

Then one day, I saw A Wild Woman Encounter Workshop created by Hannah Lo and Ajanta, I am very much interested to be apart as the word ‘WILD’ has been at the back of the mind for years. I signed up for these 3 hours workshop hosted by two incredible women who are here to awaken our deep seated wild side. This workshop is a taster for a 3 days wild woman awakening retreat in July.




In this serene OurBodySpace studio, we are invited to remembering and reconnecting our wild authentic self by first getting in touch of our feelings and sharing it. I love the first part where we acknowledge how we feel and being able to share it with someone. We were introduced ways of reconnection with breathing, words, and my favourite – body movement.

I let go of my perceive self image when we are required to play out different roles, there was one session when we are given the space and time to show 8 different types of woman characteristics from within to without. It is really interesting to observe how we would project ourselves when we were given different characters: shy, playful, angry, divine etc. It does release the deep seated side of me, and allows me to embrace all side within especially the sensual energy.

As per femininity, I love how we relook into our sacred private parts which are pretty much known as a taboo topic in Asian culture, we embrace our feminine side by honouring our boobies and yoni, it was really fun running around holding our boobies and greet each other. 

Here are some of the captured photos of the workshop:


How this wild woman encounter really helps me is by having the opportunity in breaking down the barrier of what’s not me and having someone who can hold such space for us to do so. There will be tons of articles and resources available online about tuning in our wild side, but it is the action and practises that make the difference.

This serves as a door opening a new perspective of how we can see ourselves as women and the world as a whole, then everything changes for the better.

Here is my sharing in video 🙂 

To experience such awakening, it is highly recommended to find out yourself. Hereby, I am inviting you for the upcoming 3-day retreat with Hannah Lo and Ajanta in July. This retreat is for you if you want to: 

  • *Get clarity around your boundaries, owning your yes and your no, and asking for what you want. 
  • *Find ways to express suppressed rage, anger and frustration in a safe, empowering and liberating way. 
  • *Embrace your sexuality and feel more pleasure and aliveness in your body.
  • *Reconnect with your womb, begin to heal and learn about the power of your Yoni. 
  • *Re-ignite your internal fire, passion and zest for life!
  • *Experience being held, seen and fully supported by a powerful sisterhood of women. 
  • ————-

You can expect: Shakti Yoga, Sexual Energy Cultivation , Female Anatomy and Womb Healing, Tantric Practices and Sexual Empowerment, Reclaiming your authentic voice, Exploring your primal nature, Powerful Processes, Beautiful Rituals 

And all in the most loving and safe space, surrounded by women supporting you, honouring you and bringing sacredness to your female body. 


  • DATE: Fri, Sat, Sun 13th -15th July 2018 
  • TIME: 12 – 8PM each day 
  • VENUE: Ohanajo Studio, Sunway SPK
  • INCLUDES: Lunch each day with light refreshments


  • DATE: Sun, 22nd July, 3:30 – 5:30pm
  • VENUE: OhanaJo Studio, Sunway SPK

The Facilitators’s Brief:



Diagnosed with a crippling and “incurable” illness in 2012, Ajanta left her corporate career as lawyer and embarked on a search for an alternative method of healing. Her journey led her to Asia and deep into yoga, meditation, Energy & Shamanic Work, transpersonal psychotherapy, Taoist practices, and Tantra. She studied and practised with teachers from all over the world. 

Hannah Lo

Hannah is a speaker, singer, workshop facilitator and guide for women who want to transform their relationship to their body, emotions, femininity and sexuality. Hannah has to this date facilitated over 50 workshops, classes and talks. Her work is an embodiment, experiential focused approach to help women remember their inherent connection to themselves, their intuition and their wild free spirits.

Find out more:



“The Goddess is a woman who is a warrior. She is fierce and wild. She loves deeply and is compassionate towards all life. She is passionate and uncontrolled. She is untamed and she is free. Her thoughts are not in the past or in the future, -she is totally absorbed by the now and here.

A Goddess stands up for herself and knows that she is the creator of her reality. Responsible and courageous she paves her way through life gracefully and smiling.Goddess knows what she wants, what she doesn’t want and she will be clear about it.A Goddess does not bend herself to make a man like her, want her or even love her. She loves herself unconditionally and she has no need for confirmation.A Goddess does not comply with rules or society’s standards and she won’t care what others think of her. She honors her Goddess-Self.She is the Mother, the sacred life-giver.One cannot play games or hide truth from a Goddess. An awakened woman sees all.She knows about intentions, she might even read minds .It is neither through words that one can impress her, nor with money, possessions or titles but only through the power of an open heart and a calm mind that steps forward with absolute clarity and truth.”

And when you become a diamond, you will understand why life had to pressure you. =)


I love and accept myself fully. Wonderful awakening ahead.


Love and hugs, 


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