Charity Climb to Mount Kinabalu

Heyo, I have signed up for a Charity Climb to Mount Kinabalu! *Clap Clap*

It is a Hike to support Orang Asli pre-schools education in 3 villages (one in my hometown, Gopeng) by SUKA Society.


We want to raise RM2,500 (per participants) + 3 sponsorships for Orang Asli children. Help us reach our goal! Here is where you can donate:…

Your contribution helps raising funds to engage a teacher, an assistant and support the monthly school expenses for the three pre-schools in peninsular Malaysia. Every penny matters!

Info: For every 100 Orang Asli (aborigines) children entering Standard 1, only 6 will be expected to continue their studies up to Form 5. This equates to a 94% dropout rate.

Appreciate all your support, click ‘Like’ or share it to those who cares, and best if you could contribute to support the children.

Watch the video to know more 🙂 

More details about The Orang Asli, The Charity Climb and Orang Asli pre-school Education


Orang Asli:

Original People “natural people” or “aboriginal people” Orang Asli are the indigenous minority peoples of Peninsular Malaysia. Some of the ethnics live permanently in rural areas while some of them start to live in urban area but still very few. 

Most of the ethnics in this group are ‘Kensiu’, ‘Kintak’, ‘Jahai’, ‘Lanoh’ , ‘Mendriq’, and ‘Batek’. Then, the second group known as Senoi is the largest group of Orang Asli with about 54 % of the Orang Asli population. They have six ethnics in this group such as ‘Semai’, ‘Temiar’, ‘Jah Hut’, ‘Chewong’, ‘Mah Meri’ and ‘Semoq Beri’. Finally, the third group is Aboriginal Malays (Proto-Malay) in which about 43 % of the Orang Asli population and the second largest group. The ethnics in this group are ‘Temuan’, ‘Semelai’, ‘Jakun’ , ‘Orang Kanaq’, ‘Orang Kuala’ and ‘Orang Selatar’



To help the community achieve a good and decent standard of living, the Orang Asli community must be empower through better education, as the education is the only way that help the community’s future to acquire much needed knowledge and skills for their survival in the modern world. 

The dropped out rate among the Orang Asli schoolchildren, at all levels, is disproportionately high compared to the national average. Studies done by the JHEOA (Department of Orang Asli Affairs) show that the dropout rate among Orang Asli schoolchildren is much higher than the national average. School dropout among the school children of Orang Asli are increase every year as can be shown their participation in secondary and high education level is decrease. 

For every 100 Orang Asli children entering Standard 1, only 6 will be expected to continue their studies up to Form 5. This equates to a 94% dropout rate. 

SUKA Society Charity Climb 2018:


4 Objectives:

  • Challenge yourself to conquer the Mount Kinabalu summit and achieve your fundraising target for education
  • Inspire others by sharing your fundraising and hiking journey
  • Empower Orang Asli communities to push for education within rural villages in Malaysia
  • Connect and meet like-minded people during this charity climb campaign

Persatuan Kebajikan Suara Kanak-Kanak Malaysia (SUKA): 

SUKA is set up to protect and to preserve the best interests of children. •Creating greater access to education for Orang Asli children by setting up community pre-schools in remote villages. we firmly believe that all children must be empowered to develop to their best potential. As such, SUKA constantly growing our community-based empowerment programs for Orang Asli children to gain greater access to education. Their pre-schools have been running since 2014.


Empowered 2 Teach is a SUKA Society initiated project that provides training, support and resources for the indigenous communities living in remote areas to start their own pre-school education classes within their own villages. raising funds to help engage a teacher, an assistant and support the monthly school expenses for three of our pre-schools. The funds raised will also engage SUKA’s on-the-job trainer who provides training for all our schools. We are also looking to secure sponsorships to help 60 Orang Asli children attend school for a year. Below are the three Orang Asli communities where the proceeds will be channeled to: Kelas Komuniti Kampung Jader is located in Gua Musang, Kelantan.; Kelas Komuniti Kampung Sungai Poh is located in Gopeng, Perak.; Kelas Komuniti Pendidikan Awal Kampung Sungai Malela is situated in Gerik, Perak.

Each climber will pledge and try their outmost best to raise a total target of RM2500 for this climb online through our simply giving fundraising page and RM2520.00 via securing sponsors for 3 Orang Asli students. This is my page:…

Screen Shot 2018-06-09 at 4.27.35 PM

Find out more by visiting SUKA Society’s website at

Have a good week!






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