White Elephant – My Vision

My vision in 5 years is when you see White Elephant, you would feel calm instantly. 


White Elephant Space

It is a symbol of calmness and self love where people would go to any space with White Elephant symbol when they need to feel calm and have some Me-Time. White Elephant Home Space is where people would create one corner for them to feel calm, it works for adult and children.


It is said that Silence and Time are the most precious asset nowadays.


Too often, when I was out of my home, at some point I would feel tired and has a strong urge to be in a calm and serene environment. But, out of despair, most of the environment, besides outdoor parks, I find it very draining, especially shopping malls during weekends. Imagine White Elephant Space is available in shopping malls, when one is tired, one could recharge with soothing tea and music.


What’s the difference with the tea shops that is available now?

White Elephant can be an individual space or in any tea or coffee shops, it is a concept with a calm ambiance which allow people to relax with optional tools to help in feeling calm and without digital devices. This space allow people to be in silence, rest mode with optional tools such as ear phones, books, soft pillows, art or writing tools, soothing tea and healthy snacks.


White Elephant is a concept with promised calm space without digital devices and other distractions.

Take A Break

Me-Time and Self Care are so underrated where we are hooked up in the busyness in life, dealing with digital matters and interpersonal relationship matters. Having such concept space which is easily accessible encourages us to recharge and reconnect with ourselves for a better focus and productivity.

Each of us has infinite possibilities to creation in life, we have own unique gifts and maximum potential, but, the distractions and noise which create gaps between where we are and where we want to be. White Elephant space is one way to reduce noise and distractions, take a break and connect to our highest self.

The intention is to invite a calm state of mind, to have a relax body, and an undivided time for oneself. This acts as an open door to self care techniques, healthy eating, body movement and self healing. Plus, it could be an income stream for some to create such space to benefit their neighbourhood and earning opportunities for many as calm guides.


Looking For First Movers

To any space owners of coffee shops or centres, I am looking forward to introduce this concept where we could have pop-up experiments for response and feedbacks. I am taking a step by step to make this happen, firstly, we start with pop up space and exploration around Asia to experiment this concept.

We are looking for First mover partners to create White Elephant space and there is a special name for this concept. I would love to hear your comments and just hook me up if you are interested in playing a part.


Upcoming White Elephant Journey

I am also creating a fundraising for White Elephant journey in creating pop up space plus exploration starting in Chiang Mai, Thailand in June. I am creating online content for pop up space and self care habits. Very much appreciate any amount of contribution via paypal.  Thank you.

May we do our best to be a better self collectively.


Infinite love,

Vic Qi  



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