Healing With Akashic Records and Ancestral Healing

I am Imperfect


It’s the imperfection that made things beautiful.



I have been learning to love and accept myself, the fact that I am an empath who are very sensitive to the energy around me, I tend to give more than what I can. I would put my self worth on others’ action, behaviour, words towards me, I would depend on others to feel love. That’s still a part of me.

What helps is after Vipassana meditation, I am able to heighten my self awareness when these negative self talk or self sabotage appears in the mind. I learned to transmute this energy with body scan, but often, I found that these emotions are still buried within the body. So, after some time, I would still feel tired with pain and aches on body parts.

Recently, I discovered that all this are due to my perspective (programming) in life. It all started with the mind, the thoughts we have, the beliefs we believed.

I feel stuck.

I knew that I am not moving anywhere but stuck with my own limiting thoughts, I figured I need to explore more new perspectives. I would learn, read, watch videos and articles and one day, I learn to read my own Birth Chart on Astrologies, but I need someone who is professional to read it for me, thus I began searching for one nearby which I can go to.


Healing yourself is connected to healing others. Yoko Ono


Ancestral Healing


Instead, I found out about Ancestral Healing which heal back to our 7th ancestral lineage, it is said that we were inherited with the emotional, mental, and spiritual experiences of our ancestors, therefore accepting and honouring the past stories would help us to clear our family energies. I am so on for this, as I have been witnessing many repeated cycles of my family members emotionally, financially and health issue too.

Ancestral Healing can transform energetic patterns that are not in your highest good, or are preventing you from carrying out your soul’s mission and life’s purpose. If you are experiencing recurring patterns where things get in the way of feeling satisfied, enriched or successful, then ancestral Healing may be the missing link . Read more: http://www.acrossdimensions.com/ancestors.htm.


Akashic Records Reading


This is a great chance as I saw Heart Sanctuary is hosting Ancestral Healing facilitated by Ky’lama, what a timing. I went on to research more about this session and Ky’lama, I found out about Akashic Records Reading, which I have been hearing this name from Youtube. Now, the name attracted me and after finding out what it means, this blows me up.

Akashic Records also known as soul book is like a virtual library of database which contains not only current information about the current life, the details about the lives we have lived in the past, and what we intend for the future, but every alternative timeline, path not taken and every possible opportunity in between. Read more: https://www.akashicreading.com/what-is-an-akashic-reading/

Now this is very interesting.


Special Thanks To Whom Supported

I have this delay-wait-but issue within as to book this session is a big thing for me in financial terms. I am growing within, so I took time off from projects and work to set my direction, I am thankful to have people around me to support me this far. Special thanks to my partner, Wei Chee and my parents for me being able to book these two sessions. And also a huge appreciation for Ky’lama for the 50% scholarships!

Me and Ky’lama


I Was Searching for Others’ Experience Beforehand

Before I decided to go for it, I have been looking for reviews and feedback to see if this is helpful, my heart says a definite yes but the mind needs more reasoning to invest. After watching videos from Teal Swan and Infinite Waters about it, I decided to experience it.

So I wanted to share my experience here and recorded a video to share my personal learnings and experience, though everyone will experience differently based on own situation and the healer, still hope it shine some light to you! I highly recommend you to share your experience after you have assess the Akashic Reading either by your own or with guide, I strongly feel that it will help others.

Note that we all experience it differently, focus on the plus point and experience it yourself to know it.


My Akashic Record Reading Experience

I was excited about the reading for an hour, I felt like I am getting to find out the answers. When I arrived The Heart Sanctuary, I felt relax with the pleasant smell and energy. And I finally met Ky’lama face to face, he has a very calming energy and we started in a room. He was setting up the room and we were seated next to each other.

First he asked for my intention of this reading, what has bothered me and he would ask further to clarify my issues. I felt safe and open to share it to him, it has been a year to be open up and have someone who are open enough to listen without assumptions.


He wrote down a page of intention for all the angels, spirit guides, ascended masters and more to help in the healing process. He read out loud and we work on that intention together. I closed my eyes as per his instructions, connect to my higher self, focus on this ray of light to the heart, and have rose in the heart to absorb what does not belong to me. Roses after roses, I let things, emotions go, I do feel lighter. I sensed the healing energy lifted low vibration energy out of me. Then, I laid down for the rest of the time to heal.

This session have passed an hour and I am thankful to have time to be still after the session. Personally, I felt it is more of a healing + reading session, I prepared a page of questions to ask, but I did not. I followed the flow and I set certain expectations to receive some answers, and I understand that, staying in the moment, right now, is the most important thing. Instead of digging out the past and peek on future, I stay here and now. Thank you for the heart felt session Ky’lama. =)

Ancestral Healing Experience


It was the full moon in the sign of Taurus also the Wesak day, a day where Buddha got enlighten. According to Ky’lama, Buddha is said to make an annual appearance in a secluded valley somewhere in the Himalayas at the exact time of the full moon of Taurus. And so before we start the session, Ky’lama connect us to the Wesak energy.

We then started sitting in a circle, with 8 of us in a room of Heart Sanctuary. If I am not wrong there are three sections, there is one section where we all lay down in mats where we connect to all our 7th generation of ancestors, we call upon them one generation to one generation and Ky’lama would share us the energy he felt and we honour, understand, forgive, shine light upon our ancestors including our parents.

At the last section, we would write down our emotional pot where we realised the repeated pattern within the family members, with the help of higher realms and multi dimension guides, it was released and given to the universe to take care of.

I am thankful to heal my ancestral lineage, which I also know that this is not a one time fix it all method, and rather a start of awareness, to not fall into the same cycle. Grateful to have my parents and brother to send me to the sanctuary. And super grateful to have an occasional meal conversation with Ky’lama before the session starts.

He reminded me – We all have a choice.


Before healing others, heal yourself. Lao Tzu


Watch the video on my personal experience here: 


You may find out more about Ky’lama here:

Thank you for reading and watching, stay well, choose love.


All my Love,
Vic Qi


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