First Weekly Reflection (6th May 2018)

Hi beautiful, I am committed to record my weekly reflection and put it on Youtube. This is my first recorded reflection. YEEHAW!

Ms Chicky in the action – have you seen her feather?

And the beautiful thing of this video is I had a visitor – Ms Chicky was with me, note the creative expression of it. There would be dog barks in the middle, a chance for us all to practise compassion with love. 😉

I shared about my discover about Pleiadians, Lemuria, Atlastis, Lyra system which is so interesting. Plus, the resonance in being a Starseed. Also shared about the learnings on how to not take things personally with an introduction of Tapping works I learned and practise. At the end, the phone went out of storage that I have to end without saying goodbye. See you soon, have a wonderful week. =)

Here is the video: 

I record it without preparation, I wanted to be at the moment and speak at that moment. Hope it helps you in anyways. ❤

More information

About Pleiadiens:

About Tapping Works:

Recommend to Watch:

Thank you for watching, knowing that we are still alive in this moment, put a big smile already. =D


Infinite Love,

Vic Qi

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