We Need To Walk Alone, Sometimes



Some walks you have to take alone. 


There are moments in life we have to walk the path alone. It is full of uncertainty, but what’s guaranteed is, it will make us stronger. This “walk” or “path” I meant for stages of life or even experience of life. It could be an adventure to the mountain, it could be a stage where we seek for self discovery, these two works for my current situation.

It is true to have your loved ones by your side is a good company and support system when things go wrong or right, we inherit with a need for social tribe. But, there is this time, where we want to take a break from all the advices, opinions, judgments, guidance, we just want to follow what the heart says instead of what others want from us.

I need a break from technology distractions, comforting home, well-mannered friends, and well prepared food. This is a time for me to seek for my fullest expression, fulfil the life mission, and be open about what is about to come.



I have taken the first step to be and do things alone, took up the challenge to cycle up Gopeng hill. There were lots of fear and doubt, on weather, on unexpected harm, on my stamina, but, I just keep myself moving, one step at a time. There were still thunderstorms heard and rain were seen from far before I cycle up the hill.

Good thing is I am well prepared with umbrella, raincoats, and mental preparation to experience rain, then I am able to ride on. The moment I am surrounded by the green lush and negative ions, there comes all the “I-feel-good~da~da~da~” feeling. Below is the footage of the journey, please be enlighten.



What I know for sure is that even we have a conditioned mind but also an intuitive heart, to be our true version, we take the take the first step to follow our heart. Trust, you can handle it. And, it is always good to know, the universe has your back. =)


You alone are enough. You have nothing to prove to anyone. – Maya Angelou


May you explore your true self,

Vic Qi

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