You are Not Your Thought


You are Not Your Thought

We are a certain frequency of energy, a vibration that attracts the matching vibration in life. When we are relax and do things in ease, things will flow; when we are anxious about what is coming next, things will still flow but with more resistance.

Our thoughts, the mental projections were of 10 billion conditioned since the history of first born human, adding on with our ancestors projections passed generation by generation, to what we have now – the mind. It has huge components of fear and love, the two main emotions, both with survival instinct to protect our life. Somehow, with the time flows, we would find more fear emotions than love.

We are ‘stuck’ with fear in the mind.

Along with our education style, parenting style, we have this thought of fear to break the rules, to get out of the comfort zone. I am aware of these thoughts, what can I do about it? It is not to attach with the thoughts of “I can’t do it”, “I am not enough”, “I don’t deserve this”. As Eckhart Tolle said, when you are aware of the thought, you will be separated from it, the thought will disappear itself.

Some will add on with affirmations like “I am enough”, “I deserve to be loved”, “I am whole” whenever fear doubts appear in the mind. That works too. To get to the root of the “fear” seed, this is a life long journey of practising being aware and detach from it.

No matter how many articles, videos, books we read to be aware, I deem the most important step is practising it, when these thoughts arise, aware and detach.

You are not your thoughts, you are pure energy and light. 

My Personal Story


I care what others think about me, a lot.

One breakthrough I did recently is to be a storyteller to children in a Vipassana Meditation children course yesterday. I do care a lot about others’ impression on me, even the children which I know I might not meet them next time.

Good thing is I took up the challenge to be judged as a storyteller in front of the kids and the volunteers. There were activities planned for the children besides meditation technique, one of it is sharing stories. I read and chose three stories I felt comfortable with.

I was given a week to rehearse but with my bad habit, only left with few hours to rehearse. When it is time, I am aware of sweaty palms and very cautious about the children’s energy level before I start. I put myself in the center of attraction, everybody is looking at me.

The mind created past memories of a failed emcee experience and childhood embarrassed moments, but, I am fully aware that I am not that person, I need to spread light and love when I express the story.  I shared the stories with magical elements, sound effect, exaggerated facial expression and involved children opinions.

It was only about 10 minutes, I was sweating a lot, but with a face of smiley and a heart of love, I made it. Some children laughed, responded, and super thankful to have 2 of the volunteers’ validations. The night before I sleep, I pat myself, well done Vic Qi, for detaching yourself from the past memories.

A beautiful moment to be remembered and reminded. I am 70%-less care about others’ opinion, but more into my own progress. Putting these 70% energy to be a better self and remind others to do so to themselves.

Release yourself from “who you should be & what you should do”, be who you are. 

Be aware of such thoughts and detach from it, that is one way towards freedom. May you be successful. =)


I love you,

Vic Qi



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