The Journey After 10 days Vipassana Meditation


It has been two months after my second 10 days Vipassana meditation. This second revisit experience created a much more intense yet deeper realisation of the truth. After all, I aim for practical use of the technique after the 10 days.

The journey after the second experience is very much differ from the first. I am able to maintain at least 2 hours of meditation daily until now. Hereby, I am sharing my learnings and tips to maintain the daily practise.

The below learnings are more suitable for those who have been through the 10 days meditation who needs help in maintaining daily sitting. Or for those who are interested to know more about Vipassana meditation.


Here are the 5 Lessons from my Second Experience:

I believe everyone will have their own version of lessons, these are mine.

1. I learned to Observe the reality as it is rather than the imagination from the mind. When in silence, with anapana technique, which focus on the natural breath, I am connected to my essence, being aware of the self created image since young which is shaped by the society to fill the need of being like by others. I slowly detach myself with the imagine person, it felt so much lighter and surreal. With Vipassana, this time, I learned the importance of sensations from the body, where there are only two things to focus on during meditation, sensations and breathing. With the focus on sensations, I am aware of my craving to the things I love & aversion to the things that irritates me but not react based on these emotions, to respond with a smile. That is the essence of Vipassana meditation, to train the mind to a habit of not reacting to craving and aversion.

2. I am learning to Detach from the “I”/”Me”/”Mine” (mind thought, body pain) & person (family, partner). Thoughts will be lingering, wandering in the mind of past and future, the mind does not has the habit of staying in the present moment. Present moment meaning being here and now, when I am meditating, this is the ‘now’ moment, during this moment, there is nothing to worry about. But the mind has a habit of visiting the past or creating the future. I learned that these thoughts are not the essence of self, I learned to observe the thoughts as third person, and same as the body. The legs felt pain after long hours of sitting in the same pose, I learned to observe the pain and detach from it. It works the same for people too, to detach from clinging and depending on others. I learned to detach from my family members and my love ones, to be responsible for my own feelings – be it misery or happiness.

3. I am learning to Accept the reality of impermanence in life. Life events are constantly changing, which mostly are not controlled by us, thus, I learned that I can only control my own emotions, feelings, behaviour and actions. It all started with mental projections to voice projections and towards taking action. So it utterly important to start with our mindset in respond to the changes in life. I accept that 100% of my misery & my happiness comes from me, not from the life events or people. I am learning to Love & have compassion to all beings, no matter what happen that is unfavourable to me, no matter what people say about me, I am aware of the words and opinions are the person viewpoint, which is not the truth, as I understand myself, there will be no need to react, unless one’s action has crossed the limit which I will speak up. This is rather important for me. To be comfortable in expressing my needs.

The visible changes:

sit vq

I am thankful to be able to have daily meditation of 1 hour in the morning and 1 hour before sleep. I refrain myself from killing mosquitos and insects. And drink Ginger before meals.

The invisible changes:

I felt lighter.

1. I am choosing to release my old self images and fantasies. There were some time where I was lost and found. I begin to discover what’s not me and what’s me. I am going to focus 100% on the purpose, the calling, and stop being nice just to be liked. I learned and Started to say “no” to others which is off the road of the calling. I Took time off to reboot. Clean my room, and give away half of my possessions like clothes.2. I react & resist lesser on undesired situation or behaviour, I would mostly response with love and compassion. But, I did react sometimes but after that, I am able to be aware and reflect on the action. I learned to Smile to the undesired situation or unfavourable behaviour of a person. I choose to focus on the sensations of the body, where it arises and fall away, just like the events in life. I am Taking 100% responsibility on the emotions that trigger me.

3. I choose to Forgive & Love with compassion, understanding when one is angry, one is suffering. Especially on my personal relationships with my family and partner, which would trigger my emotions most of the time. When one has anger, I learned that he or she is suffering inside, which anger is an emotion that portrays outside. This has been our reaction to undesired feelings, not everybody knows how to control own emotions. And most importantly, I would forgive myself if I reacted.

4. I would Take initiative to help and do the extra mile. I have been living in a comfortable situation with my parents taking extra care of me, one learning for me is to take the initiative to provide help in household.

5. I practise Smiling and greeting my neighbours and the workers in service industry. I would smile to people and send Metta to every being I passed by.

How to maintain the strong determinant of daily sitting?


For me, it is about shifting the mindset on 2 hours daily sitting ( one hour in the morning, one hour in the evening/night). Look at the benefits of it and Shift from laziness, procrastination, time consuming to a mindset of investing 1 hour of peace for yourself and your loved ones.
After 2 months of daily practise, I am moving closer to my higher self, a place of love and harmony, true happiness. I love that I am taking great care of myself, so I can take care of my loved ones and the community. If I have negative emotions while helping others, others would be affected, meaning not only i suffer, they would suffer too.
Always make sure your cup is full first.
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May you be happy. =)

Much love,


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