Breaking Free From Society’s Expectation


We all have fear, some fear will kept us from doing the right thing, so, hereby I am inviting you to keep practising in breaking free from society’s expectation and fear of rejection. To become the authentic self. 

Break-Free from Tiny Buddha
Break Free Credit: Tiny Buddha

My Wake Up Call

Recently I listened to a clip and one sentence wakes me up from the social conditioning and programming. “This is not your fault, it is not you, but it is the programming that the society built up, which has been passed on from generation to generation. Including from our parents, from grandparents to parents.” This totally makes me aware of all my thoughts and action, some actions were based on fear, some actions were based on love.

DO Something Out of The Norm

So, I started a journey to break free myself from the society expectations, this is just one way of breaking free, creating moments in the public space with friends and strangers.

Tempted to Break Free

It all started when I was working in the office, eyes were so strained, body was tired, but there were tons of emails not replied, I decided to take a break. Click on my Facebook tab, this appeared on my news feed a train party, like what, a train party? Then, there was this “Sing-a-long’ in the train too, oh my, this is so cool! I have been following the organiser of this social act – The International Liberators from Perth, Australia.

I thought, I want to be with them so badly at that moment. Then my boss came back and I have to get back to my emails. And things have not changed until my health and emotion were drained.

First Trial

Took a break, back to hometown , few months later, I was waiting for a commuter and I saw 2 foreigners talking, i wanted to talk to them by offering my help or guidance in places to go or eat, as a local I have that responsibility. But, again, my fear stopped me. I did not went to them. Instead, I thought of an idea, creating a sign to allow the foreigners or locals to ask me questions. Invited close friends of mine, carried a board written “Talk 2 Me” and walked around the Petaling Street, Dataran Merdeka, and KLCC underground.

You know what happened? I had fear of judgements so I walked really fast and tried really hard to put a smile on me, people wouldn’t have time to stop me. I felt the adrenaline and this gave me a rise in heartbeat. But, overall, I appreciate my friends to do this with me. It was my very first experiment to breakthrough the conditioned fear.

Second, Third Trial

Then, I kept inviting friends to do more, we have “Dancing in Dataran Merdeka” and a year ago, we also tried Giving Free Flowers to people in KLCC. So thankful to have friends, dear Alex and Hui Mun to join me, because, yes, there was a fear of rejection. Even giving out things for free, there would still be fear, how deeply programmed am I, I wonder. But, the experience is beautiful because people were really happy receiving the flowers. We were doing good things indeed!

Best Trial

In a year we have been creating moments to bring people together, one of the best moment was with Peter during his birthday in Perth, we wore onesies and walk around the neighbourhood, dance around the roundabout (video). The other one is the Social Carriage experiment, we create tools and cards and telephone cups to invite people to talk to each other. I personally connected and got rejected by 4 person before getting one to say ‘yes’, then conversation went on with a man who knows about Malaysia. Interesting way and it feels so good after the experiment, with the liberators and friends (video).

The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it. – Albert Einstein

Recent Trial

Yesterday, 4 friends of mine dressed up as Ninjas to breakthrough ourselves and to spread happiness in a local bazaar. Grateful to have the event organisers – HerPortal to allow us to be there. What we did may looks fairly non-importance or silly to others, but you got to experience it to know how far you can go in breaking free yourself from the social norm into something that will caught attention. We dressed as Ninjas, our face were covered but for me, there is still a fear, but this time I am breaking free of judgement to be my true self. I would celebrate for that!

What I observed and so as many would concern about the public’s reaction as we had this perception of being shy and reserved, so when we invite the public to play or ‘fight’ with us, normally the one who challenge us are the kids. They were having so much fun and so as the ninjas’ brother and sisters. There is this friend of mine, she was totally being free and so into the Ninja role in inviting people to play. Another friend of mine started to challenge herself to be act out and enjoy the process. So and so, we would not want to force anyone to be or do something out of their will, but what we do is to create opportunities for people to challenge themselves.

To be, or not, that is a question. It is all in your hands.

Next Trial

Up next, we have few more opportunities to breakthrough ourselves before the year ends. It’s Christmas season and grateful to have Me.reka of Biji-biji Initiative to allow us to create a surprise visit and a play zone in their Revolutionary Christmas Festival.  You are mostly welcome to be apart of the Rudolf team here:


Step by step, a year of small to big experiments have allowed me to breakaway from my old patterns into a better self. You have to experience it yourself to find out. 😉 Thankful to always have a support system and along the way, we grew together.

May you learn that ‘you yourself is enough’. 


Vic Qi 









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